How This Works

1 More Thing

A brand new place for beats and bass curated by Welsh author, broadcaster and writer, Dave Columbo Jenkins: 1 More Thing is strictly here for all aspects of bass and breakbeat culture.

This platform is powered by the people via Patreon. The more support and subscribers 1 More Thing gets, the more content and people can be supported: more interviews, stories, mixes, podcasts, videos and exclusive news that promotes the scene and gets the music to even more ears and more fans.

The more people involved, the better this gets. The ultimate goal is to have a strong enough community of music lovers and industry subscribers to build budget that pays artists for their music and mixes and invest in an editorial team and videographers.

1 More Thing is dedicated to creating meaningful creative content that champions individuality, inclusivity and innovation across the global low end spectrum and underground club culture.

Join 1 More Thing on Patreon and be part of an exciting new community of fans, creators and professionals who appreciate the value of professional, high quality content that’s detailed, properly researched and unbiased.

Never any clickbait. No press release copypasta. No paid promotion. All 100% original material curated and created for the right reasons. 

Not even warming up yet. Get in touch, get involved.


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