1 More Thing Podcast #008: Jaguar Skills

Meet the man behind the mask on a level he's never revealed before

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear masks and obsess about music at a painfully nerdy level…

Welcome to a brand new episode of the 1 More Thing Podcast, a place for deep and meaningful conversations with some of the interesting and inspiring souls in electronic music.

This time we’re chatting with Jaguar Skills. A man, a mystery, an absolute mixing machine. A dextrous detail-obssesed DJ  who’s spent his entire adult life digging impossibly deep into beats, joining dots you didn’t even know existed.

What began as a deep love for hip-hop and an even deeper fear of getting a standard 9-5 has taken our masked protagonist to some of the wildest places any DJ can possibly imagine.

Since launching one of the UK’s earliest hip-hop magazines in his teens he’s embraced every opportunity he’s ever been presented… From being given the keys to  record label vaults and conjuring up new KRS-One bangers out of thin air to making Netflix theme tunes for renowned comedian TV shows or composing entire scores to films that only exist in his mind. As he explains himself; there are no limitations when you’re driven by passion!

Yet for all his notoriety and profile, he remains pretty much anonymous. You may have heard him tell many musical tales on Radio 1 or any other high profile radio station. You may have seen him headline some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the world. Yet if he walked past you on the street, you wouldn’t have a clue who he was.

His ninja-like facewear and his private nature have led to mammoth gaps on the global Jaguar Skills fact file… Until now.

This is by far the deepest and most revealing interview Jaguar Skills has ever done. Find out why he wears a mask, how he feels when he wears it and, for the first time ever, what happens behind it.

Recorded in February 2023 on Zoom. Trust us, this interview goes super deep!  

Support Jaguar Skills: Faceook > Instagram > Twitter > Soundcloud

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