1 More Thing Podcast #006: Halogenix

Digging deep into Laurence Reading's inspirations, ambitions and career so far...

The 1 More Thing Podcast returns with this deep and explorative interview with Halogenix.

Join Dave Columbo Jenkins as he digs deep into Laurence Reading‘s career so far. From his earliest musical memories and his route into drum & bass to his time with Ivy Lab to his latest manoeuvres launching his new label Gemini Gemini.

Tune in and turn on as Halogenix takes time to share his thoughts on his sense of ambition, his never-ending pursuit of realness and authenticity and the heavy impact of life on the road as a touring DJ and how it can affects your mental health.

Recorded in Tottenham, London, February 13: this is a very personal and meaningful interview for Halogenix. We all know and love massive tracks of his such as Indepedent, Blej, Wordless, Her Moves and, most recently, Lost Friends. Now get to know the man behind them on a whole other level…

This podcast is available to stream on all platforms.

Halogenix – Lost Friends EP is out now on Gemini Gemini

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