1 More Thing Podcast #007: AMIT

No More Secrets!

Multi-disciplinary artist, teacher, entrepreneur, human being… Amit Kamboj joins Dave Columbo Jenkins for the latest episode of the 1 More Thing podcast.

Hugely respected as a pioneer who’s been consistently at the forefront of bass culture, Amit takes a rare moment of time to look back and reflect.

Over the course of an hour and a half, we discuss his career, his roots and influences and his creative processes which have given him a unique reputation as an innovator and a community figurehead who wants to see and instigate positive change and progress for all. It’s a repution that has led him to some inspiring places that most bass music producers could ever dream of; from working with orchestras to touring with Sonic Youth to remixing Herbie Hancock.

Now immersed in the physical art world, and using this new discipline to inspire and inform his music in a whole new way, Amit remains as inspired, innovated and forward-thinking as he did when he first emerged in the late 90s.

Available to stream on all podcast platforms and YouTube below. Here’s how he does it…

AMIT – Trial Run / Burning The Retina is out now

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