1 More Thing Podcast #019 – CLIQUES

Talking deep emotions, glittery masks and Barry from Eastenders

Welcome to the 19th episode of the 1 More Thing Podcast where Dave Columbo Jenkins sits down with an act who have, until recently, maintained a strong air of masked anonymity.

Emerging in 2020 with a brazen sonic style, a production level that belies their newcomer status and a strong connection with cult retro soap opera character Barry Evans, CLIQUES have done things entirely on their own terms.

Carving their own unique place with a technique they describe as renegade art, the UK south coast trio have commandeered every subgenre of drum & bass, avoiding pigeonholes and landing them on labels such as Hospital, Breakbeat Kaos, Get Hype, Ram, their own imprint CCA and, most recently, Born On Road – Buried, featuring Eksman.

It was their previous EP however that set the scene for this podcast interview. Entitled Life Experiences Of, the EP features Genesis Elijah, Grim Sickers, Vio.let, LU:KE and Sammy Sapphire and was created in collaboration with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) It comes with a powerful message that taps into some of their lowest and most vulnerable emotional experiences. It doesn’t matter how low you feel, you can still get back up on top and there will always be help no matter how dark things feel.

A one-of-a-kind body of work in drum & bass and a release that reveals them on a whole new personable level, Paul and Phil CLIQUES embraced this special moment last month and take part in this, their deepest interview of their career so far. You can hear it on all major podcast platforms here or check it on YouTube below. Enjoy.

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