Introducing 1 More Thing New Generation podcast series!

Kicking off with Phase Records boss Gifta

Running in between our episodes where we speak to longer established talents, legends and pioneers, 1 More Thing‘s New Generation podcast series gives space to those who are just entering the bass game and looking to make their own contributions to the movement.

These conversations will focus on the challenges young artists face in today’s climate, their routes into music, their influences, their crew and their vision of the future. Broken up by a few musical selections along the way, each episode will be a fascinating insight into the life of an artist who’s starting to make all the right impressions.

Artists like Gifta.

The first artist to be featured in this series, Gifta has been on the D&B grind for 10 years but has really made a massive impact since the lockdown era at the start of the 2020s. Head honcho of Phase Records, and recently graduated from a year’s business mentorship at the mighty Hospital Records, Gifta heads up an impressive collective of new generation artists on her label and is crafting a unique and formidable sound as a producer.

Dave Columbo Jenkins joins her to find out about her journey so far and find out who Gifta nominates for the next New Generation episode!

PLUS we have a free download from Gifta to mark this moment! Cop Wrench right here. Check out our interview with Gifta on all podcast platforms and YouTube below:

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