Premiere: Near Edge – The Trip

We’re kicking off November with a premiere from Headsbass

Headbass release their 12th VA compilation today, filled with tracks from the likes of Ben Rolo, Lowr, Ascension and others including Near Edge whose track we are premiering today – The Trip.

Beats In Mind founder pyxis kicked off the label back in 2020 at the beginning of lockdown, looking to support mental health charities with their releases. To date their Headsbass albums have donated over £10k to over 30 different charities supporting all kinds of mental health initiatives including those for children, abused men, respite carers, the elderly who are lonely without family or friends to support them, pat dogs and more.

“I genuinely can’t express the exact amount of gratitude I have for the love Headsbass has had over the last three and a half years,” says pyxis. “We kicked off at the beginning of lockdown and 12 volumes in, we are going so strong that I barely ever have to ask for music anymore, it just comes. The next two albums after volume 12 are already full!”

Volume 12 shows us where the family are at as we wrap up 2023. Once again packed with liquid soothers, The Trip fits in perfectly. Hailing from Perth, Australia, Near Edge has conjured up a dreamy track ideal for those chilly autumn evenings. Check the track and find out more…

Congratulations on your tune! Can you tell us the story behind it?

Thanks! I was following a production masterclass by Telomic and used a lot of his techniques he taught to construct the tune, I obviously put my own ideas down for the tune and used his process as a sort of template to follow.

I was experimenting with different chord progressions and seeing what was working and wasn’t working. I wanted to find something deep/emotive but still packed a bit of a subtle punch. I think I achieved that with this tune.

How did you link-up with Headsbass?

I had released with Headsbass before in vol 9 and have always supported the label. When the opportunity came to release again with them I jumped at the chance.I think it’s a great initiative.

I’ve always been an advocate for fund-raising of any sort. Especially for mental health services. I think all us at some point suffer with mental health at some part in our lives. It’s important to remove the stigma around it.

How’s your mental health?

I’ve suffered depression since I was younger and was always put down by others. As I’ve grown I’ve had to learn to ignore others’ opinions of myself. I believe that anyone with the right tools and support can pull through. Creating music has been a great outlet in my mental health journey and helped me immensely.

Headbass Volume 12 is out now

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