Rave Splash: Bonjour Vici

Enjoy a mix AND video from this firing French talent

We’ve been getting acquainted with Grenobles-based artist Vici lately.

His reputation precedes him: Vici releases have been in rife in recent years courtesy of labels such as Hyperactivity, Impact Music, Nuusic, Kosenprod, In The Lab, Sinful Maze, Skankandbass and, most recently, Annix and Simula‘s Neksus Sound with two of his biggest tracks to date: Bullshark / Heaven.

He’s also released with 1 More Thing: Rave Splash was one of the most popular tracks on the 1 More Tune Vol 1 collection that dropped in December 2022…

A rowdy brew of rave and jump-up, all smelted down with his fine-tuned sense of contemporary neuro alchemy, it turns out Rave Splash was inspired by a jump-up overdose he’d experienced during one of his regular party pilgrimages to London some months before.

A frequent mission on Vici‘s social schedule, and a very strong source of inspiration for him creatively, many Vici productions have been inspired by his London raving missions. In fact it’s shaped his whole approach to – and appreciation of – drum & bass culture full stop.

He was over for Let It Roll at Printworks last month (among various other parties) so we caught up with him and (ahem) bridged some Anglo/Franco D&B relations…

But wait, there’s more…

In case you need a little more Vici in your life then stick around as he’s also given us this inexplicably electrifying mix. Inspired by the mood and energy of his Neksus release, this is the sound of Vici in spring 2023. Grotty, grizzly, over-emotional and galvanised by pure tech weight and some very clever mixing, it’s a sound we are 100% f**king with. Close your eyes and you can hear a million ‘j’adores’ whistling through the wind. Au revior.

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