Destination Vibe City

If life suddenly went into GTA mode, what’s the first thing you’d do?

Have you ever imagined yourself as a real life Tommy Vercetti? Strolling along the beach, pistol at waist, chainsaw in hand, a pocket full of cash following a string of robberies, fist fights and police chases?

Don’t tell us, tell Dirtbox Recordings. Founded by Lee UHF in 2018, the label has been pumping out releases across all corners of drum & bass like a 1980s mobster with a flamethrower.

Their creative cogs have been in motion overtime lately and they’ve come up with a cool visual concept for their new Vibe City series. The most ambitious Dirtbox project to date, it’s fuelled by epic summertime liquid bangers and it comes complete with a cool GTA inspired aesthetic.

The first volume is out now, the second one drops Friday. Kusha, Sicknote, HighThere & MC Zee, Sub:Liminal and many others feature on the first volume and plenty more are set to feature on the second including Kleu, Beskar and Skuff.

Across the two volumes, it’s an all-out vibe sensation that features an inspiring amount of new-generation talent. The summer may be behind us but the whole look, sound and feel around Vibe City might well convince you to don a palm tree covered shirt and sunglasses all year round.

With the first release already on the airwaves, and the second one just days away, we hired some of Vibe City’s top mafiosos to answer one crucial question on the tip of everyone’s tongue…

If life suddenly went full GTA mode, what’s the first thing you would do?’

From hilarious to headsy, serious to silly, here’s how sh!t went down. Support Vibe City here.























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