The evolution of Corrupted Mind

Check out the premiere of Murder Tune and find out more about his Jungle Jam EP

Some artists refuse to sit still. Even if it’s within just one genre, they’re inspiringly fizzy. One minute they’re on a jump-up flex, the next they’re channelling a liquid vibe. Tomorrow they might be on a neuro mission.

Such is the case with young Bristol based talent Corrupted Mind. In the last year alone he’s released on labels as disparate as Grand Theft Audio, DnB Allstars, Riot, YAANA, NUCRU and Subway Soundz.

Not to mention his own label 2Ton (which he co-runs with fellow darksmith and level-raiser Bully) and now Manchester/Bangor-based imprint Nuusic who are about to drop his EP Jungle Jam.

Out Friday April 5, Jungle Jam is one of Corrupted Mind’s most intense and breakbeat-fuelled releases. Inspired by Bryan Gee’s support of his music, and his love for that OG breakbeat style, it’s Corrupted Mind at his most ruthless and energetic.

That’s easy for us to say. We’ve actually heard the EP. Right now, at time of publishing, most of world has only heard the title track. So it’s time to check another. All hail Murder Tune

Sweet murderation! We called up Reece for more details and an update on his ever-evolving sound

Corrupted Mind, how corrupted exactly is your mind? Are we talking corrupted like a copper who does a bit of pub grub and has a dodgy fire stick for his telly? Or are we talking full-on CEO embezzling loads of riches type of corruption? What levels of corruption are we dealing with here? And should we be concerned about you and your mind?

So the name is genuinely something that just sounded cool and has no real meaning behind it. I picked the name purely as it sounded good on lineup next to names like Andy, A.M.C, Subfocus Etc. I wish I had a cool story behind it.

No corruption at all then?

Nah sorry to disappoint you.

Well your music doesn’t disappoint. You make pretty full strength sounds!

Thanks. I actually make all styles of drum & bass and I’d say I make an equal amount of each from neuro to liquid to jump up. I find that isn’t the normal thing anymore as I see a lot of artists tend to stick to one sound or sub-genre.

Sometimes I think this is a reason it’s taking me a while to get to where I want to be. One month I will focus on liquid then the next jump up. Although I think in the long run this will help as my audience will span across the full spectrum of D&B.

I’ve always wanted to be known as someone who can do it all. Although my main style revolves around energy and my sets are full of high energy dubplates blends triples and everything in-between.

I think this is why you’ve come to work with some very impressive labels!

Nice one. Maybe? Certain label like GTA, YANA, NUUSIC, ITL and my own label 2Ton have a really strong community behind them which – in my opinion – is the key to working with labels.

In the past I’ve worked with labels that just ignore you after you’ve released with them or just outright be a pain to work with. So massive respect to the guys who are pushing me and also communicating with their artists.


100% agree! Tell us about 2Ton! 

So yeah 2Ton is my new brand and label which I own with Bully. It’s been something in the works for a good five years now and we’re really happy with how things are going. We have some huge releases lined up with some of the biggest rave anthems to come out in the last few years.


In my opinion of course! One reason why I started the label was so I have somewhere to put all the non-drum & bass music me and bully make. On a side note, I’ve noticed that you get some artists who want to stay crystal clean and in one lane with their music. Which is totally understandable. Then you have artists like myself and Bully who like the journey and the whole vibe of making music. We don’t really care if the mixdown is amazing or if this snare is the right level or if we won’t like the track after a few years. We just want to look back on our journey and go, ‘Oh yeah we made this tune for so and so and this for that etc.’

I love that! 

So yeah that’s 2Ton and it’s starting to really take off with a massive list of sick artists already involved and part of the team.

Who’s involved?

Obviously myself and Bully. Plus Tranzmita, Tiki, Yzer, Millz, Aduken. The list goes on with many more artists part of the crew. Expect everything from this label.

Amazing. Now tell us about this new Nuusic EP.

So the EP for Nuusic came about originally due to Bryan Gee supporting a cheeky edit I made at Sun And Bass and having interest in some of my music. Long story short, my pals called me up saying Bryan’s gassing you up like crazy you need to make some tunes for V.


Yeah. So I started making some more dark steppy tunes and kinda jungle vibes. That started off with Jungle Jam then I made Murder Tune out of the same project. Then Rinse Out and War Cry were made a few weeks after. Of course I originally had the idea to send these to V but there’s a big roster there and a long waiting list even if Bryan does decide to sign them. I wanted to work with a younger crew who could match the speed I wanted to release the tunes and I knew Nuusic would be into this vibe. They’d started following me anyway and I’ve wanted to work with them for a while so I gave it a try and shot them a message. Turns out they’d messaged me anyway asking if I had any demos for the label. Perfect timing if you ask me.

Timing is everything!

Definitely. I’m really happy I decided to work with Nuusic on this EP as they really see the vision I’m trying to achieve and the vision I have for the future. So look out for more Corrupted Mind on Nuusic after this EP. They have also been really good allowing me have creative control over the project which a lot of labels don’t really allow.

That’s really sick to hear. So we’re premiering Murder Tune. And this is a bit dark –  it’s not a question I’ve ever asked before – but if you had a pass to murder one person and 100% get away with it, who would it be and why?

I murder the dance every time! I don’t need a pass! But on the real, I’m not about killing in any way, but if we could dead the culture of chin strokers and genre purist snobs then I’m fully into it.

We’re fully into Corrupted Mind releases! What comes next from you?

There is a stupid amount of music coming. I’ve been dropping one non drum & bass tune a month on my label. Alongside that I’ve also been dropping one free download a month. Plus there’s full release schedule along with daily content on Instagram and TikTok. I’ve got a five track EP dropping with Kengai later this year. And a five track jump up EP. Plus three neuro tracks, three techy tracks and a load more ready to drop. Oh, and my brand new showcase… Corrupted Mind Presents : Save The Rave.


Thanks. If anyone is interested hit up

Any final words?

Save. The. Rave.

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Corrupted Mind – Jungle Jam EP is out April 5 on Nuusic


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