Track By Track: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Vol 2 (Torre)

Skin Teeth bears all

The sounds between the rigid confines of genres will always be the most exciting…

Freeform, tempo-less, timeless love letters to the dancefloor. Melting pot magic that taps into the past but stares defiantly into the future and could flex between a whole menu of DJ styles. Magic like the sounds on Torre.

Founded by Skin Teeth back in 2017, Torre proudly flies the flag for the same rave fundamentals 1 More Thing has recently celebrated in pieces like this Club Glow origin story and this in-depth conversation with Billy Daniel Bunter: No rules, no limits, complete inclusion of all generations, all backgrounds and a total debunking of commercialisation or gentrification.

There’s a reason why certain sounds and ingredients made over 30 years ago still sound so futuristic and have so much of pull to this day, and a great snapshot of where this fusion is at in 2022 is Attack, Decay, Sustain Vol 2. Released last month on Torre it unites modern day upstarts with classic rave OGs with an unkempt energy. A stark salute to the origins of rave culture without any overt dewy eyed nostalgia, 1 More Thing called up Skin Teeth to find out more about the collection and cop a breakdown of each track and the talented souls behind them.

“Exhilarating change is coming,” he forecasts. “Disruptive, revolutionary, violent even. Yet it is necessary. It brings freedom and enlightenment in its wake. Complacency and security has given birth to destruction. We are starved of sustenance and yet the world burns. With positive energy and activity we must tear down convention. We must kill culture and replace it with our own…”

Acquaint, digest, follow: Whether you’re a new gen raver or you can still recall every flyer you Blu-tacked to your walls as a kid in the 90s, this is a great place to ready-up the radar with a whole slew of sonic talent in operation right now. Get to know…

Justice – Rude Boy Movements

“Tony contacted me after the first EP came out and offered his services for the next one… At the time I wasn’t sure I was going to do one, but the fact an absolute legend of rave music said he’d like to be involved and contribute made me completely 180! It’s crazy working with people whose music you’ve loved for thirty years! I’m eternally grateful and you have him to thank for this project!”


West Norwood Cassette Library – Wanna Rock

“I’ve been a fan of Bob’s music and his label’s output for a few years now. What he’s curated is very inspiring and I try to emulate the clear passion he has. He works with people he likes and music he believes in and I happen to think that’s a great model to follow! I’ve always been flattered when he’s put my music out and I was very glad to be able to do the same.”


Drumskull – All Out

“Joel’s music treads that very special line: Super creative, technically great and while pushing boundaries, it never loses sight of the dancefloor. It’s effortlessly current sounding. When he approached me and offered up a rough version of this track for the next comp if I was to do one, I honestly couldn’t believe my luck and I’m very grateful to him for helping shape the album’s direction.”


Ekula – Frazzled

“I approached Luke hoping he would be up for it. What he’s done with his All Colours night/label/collective is amazing. Taking a more dubby approach to this sound, I just knew he would come with some heat. I find his enthusiasm for music and the fact he never takes a backward step really inspiring. He’s always showcasing new and diverse talent with his radio shows and genuinely cares about this music and scene. A perfect fit for the label!”


Skin Teeth – Marbled Carpet (Rawtrachs Remix)

“I did a track called Marbled Carpet for Anand’s label Futurepastzine a while back. I sent him the stems in case he wanted to remix it. He ended up doing such a good job I knew it would work well for the album. I think he has such a unique voice that I’m always buzzing to hear his new noise farts as I know it’s going to be like no one else’s! DJ Mag and I both agree he’s definitely one to watch!”

Pressa – Worries!

“This guy deserves way more recognition than he gets. Joe’s one of my favourite DJs to listen to and his Subsidance radio shows and club nights are awesome. I’m always relying on his ears when it comes to new producers and artists and he must be sick of me constantly asking for track IDs! There aren’t many with his dedication to this scene and if you’ve not heard him DJ out then I urge you to fix that sharpish!”


Amaretto – Itch

“Once I knew the album was definitely happening there was someone I really wanted to be involved. More notably known for his banging happy hardcore and jungle productions, I had come across some of Takumi’s slower stuff on his Bandcamp page and knew he had a sound that would work perfectly for the album. Being the lovely bloke he is, he agreed to shave off some BPMs and see what he could come up with. In short, he nailed it!”


Obsidian Wave – Wile Out

“For someone who makes music as evil and rowdy this, you’d be forgiven for thinking James might be trouble. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Inspired by everything rave and hard techno he is surprisingly chilled and easy-going! I’ve been championing his stuff for some time now and his music is always as hard as a rhino in heat. Wile Out is of course no exception!”


Bad Interrupt – Already Dead (Skin Teeth Remix)

“I’ve been sharing music with Mr Interrupt for a few years now. For him it’s not about wanting to put music out or trying to get something for it. It’s more about the process and he often sends me amazing track ideas and concepts. One such track was this one and I was pretty happy when he said that I could remix it for the album. I hope I did it justice mate!?”


Bobby Lasers – Metro

“Hugo is such a talented dude. Be it in his Kid Chameleon alias or his Bobby Lasers moniker he always delivers bottom heavy bass music. His In the Void Radio show on Sub FM is a must listen and he really does explore every inch of rave culture. He’s always supported the label and like everyone I work with is a super smashing bloke to boot!”


Kamiokande – A Ripple In The Dirac Sea

“Peter, much like Rawtrachsm has a singular voice that is unlike anyone else I know. His hybrid of styles is a testament to the fact that this music has so many diverse influences and creative avenues to explore it has the potential to stay fresh for a very very long time. With each track he does I can hear the progress he’s making and I know this is only just the beginning for him.”


Lucas – City Nights

“I’ve been putting out music on Lucas’s label Top Drawer Digital for some time now and when he sent over this track for consideration for the album I didn’t have to think twice about it! It’s the vibe of this one that gets me! His label has been flying the flag for breakbeat/rave for years and I’m super happy to have him involved in this project as he is integral to the development of this scene.”


Denham Audio – Sound Boy Shut Up

“Well Peri doesn’t really need much of an intro. I’ll just call him the vibes man! Alongside his fellow Club Glow affiliates he has inspired me to emulate their ability to create something special. Pooling talent, resources, passion and vision those guy really are the blue print. He has a staggeringly impressive output and is one of the most consistent producers out there. To get him involved was really important to me as his music shapes a lot of my DJ sets!”


Disaffected – UPWith

These lads are relentless with their production. Head over to their Soundcloud and it’s a cornucopia of aural treats! They’re very versatile too – which is something I admire greatly. I really think this is just the beginning for them and I’m really excited to watch them grow into their obvious potential. They were on the last album and I’m always stoked to them involved in any of the projects I put together. Thanks lads.


Attack, Decay, Sustain Vol 2 is out now on Torre


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