Bally-M launches new label – Infused Audio

Check out our exclusive premier of I Know right here!

Previously part of the liquid duo Bally and Boom, Bally-M is set to embark on an exciting and next level stage of his career. Both as a solo act and as a label owner.

It starts with a statement EP that declares his intentions with clarity and energy: Next Chapter. Dropping this Friday August 25 on his own brand new label Infused Audio, Bally-M – Next Chapter packs a fresh new sense of energy and fusion as it highlights and celebrates his many influences from foundational UK hardcore to house and garage.

Three tracks deep, Next Chapter ranges from savage rave weaponry like Flava and Don’t Forget to deeper, groove-based tracks like I Know. More of a new book than a new chapter, Bally-M has big plans for future releases and they’re not limited to one genre either.

For now though, it’s all about drum & bass. And we’ve caught the track I Know for an exclusive premier. Bubbling, subtle, slapping with classic house sensibilities, it goes a bit like this…

Read on to find out how Bally-M arrived this point. And what’s happening with Infused Audio next…

Infused Audio! Tell us everything…

It’s a brand-new label focusing on all kinds of underground electronic music and I’m excited to finally see it come to life. The concept behind Infused Audio is that it’s a platform dedicated to amplifying fresh talent in the electronic music scene. I wanted to create a space where artists can truly express themselves bringing different styles together. If it’s got a vibe and we like it, we roll with it.

The vibe of Infused Audio is all about innovation, pushing boundaries, and promoting a sense of artistic freedom. We’re not just focused on the music but also on the stories behind each artist, their unique journey, and the emotions they infuse into their creations. We want to connect with listeners who crave something new, something that challenges their musical palate, and that’s what Infused Audio is all about. As for the timing, launching it right now feels perfect.

I believe there’s no better time than now to introduce a platform that celebrates innovation, embraces diversity, and creates a dynamic space for artists to thrive. With The Next Chapter being the debut release under Infused Audio, it’s a great way to kickstart this journey. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see how Infused Audio evolves and resonates with the music community.

It starts with the Next Chapter EP. This is a giant leap for you as a solo artist, isn’t it?

Absolutely, The Next Chapter EP represents a huge leap in my journey as a solo artist. It’s an exciting step into the spotlight, where I’m putting my individual artistic vision on display. I am still trying to find my own sound & love experimenting with different styles which you can hear in this release.

This is a significant chapter in my story, a moment where I define myself as a solo artist, where I explore uncharted territories, and where I strive to connect with listeners on a personal level. It’s the beginning of a new era, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. The support I’ve received from everyone who’s been part of this process has been incredible, and I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to share my music with you all.

I imagine it’s quite liberating, having been in a duo for so long. How are you finding the experience?

It’s been an incredibly liberating experience, and I appreciate the opportunity to explore my individual sound. Stepping into the solo realm has allowed me to dive deeper into my personal musical vision. I’m able to experiment, take risks, and fully express myself in ways that I couldn’t before. It’s a new chapter in my journey, and I’m relishing every moment of it!

There’s a real no-limits feel to the debut EP. Each cut rattles and slaps with a variety of ingredients from jump up to house music. Tell us about your approach and where you’re at sonically…

Thank you for recognising that! My approach with this debut EP was to create something that transcends the different styles and genres I love listening to. I’ve always been drawn to the diverse elements within electronic music, and I wanted to reflect that in this release. Each track is a unique expression, fusing elements from jump-up, house and garage with a drum & bass foundation that ties it all together. It’s about capturing the energy and emotions that drive me while leaving listeners to enjoy the music in their own way. I’m excited to continue exploring these sonic landscapes in the future.

We are premiering I Know. I love the housey vibe. Tell us about this track in particular

First of all thank you for premiering I Know, it represents a fusion of my passion for drum & bass with a touch of that housey/garage vibe. It was influenced by a combination of musical inspirations that have shaped my journey as an artist. I have always loved this kind of style, especially growing up listening to Marcus Intalex and DJ Marky. I have always wanted to bring that element into my own music. I really enjoyed producing I Know. It’s definitely a personal favourite. I’m glad the housey vibe is resonating with you. I hope this track provides everyone with a unique experience and I’m eager to hear what everyone thinks about it during the premiere!


What comes next? And what can we expect in the longer-term future? I understand we’re not just limiting to drum & bass, right?

Absolutely, the future holds exciting possibilities! The Next Chapter is just the beginning, and there’s so much more to explore. While I have a profound love for drum & bass, I’m not confining myself to a single genre. I’m excited to stretch my creative boundaries, experiment with different sounds, and continue evolving as an artist.

In the immediate future, I’m keen to see the response to The Next Chapter and connect with the listeners who resonate with the music. I’m also looking forward to collaborating with fellow artists, exploring new production techniques, and diving deeper into my musical exploration.

As for the longer-term future, you can expect a diverse range of sounds and styles. I’m keen on infusing electronic elements with different genres. The goal is to continue surprising and engaging my audience and inviting them on a musical journey that’s full of twists and turns.

Additionally, Infused Audio will continue to be a hub for fresh and innovative music. We’re excited to work with talented artists across various genres, providing a platform for them to express their creativity and share their unique sounds with you all.

Sick! What else does the world need to know about Infused Audio or Bally-M right now?  

As a solo artist now, I’m on a journey of experimenting with different sounds, while my roots are in drum & bass/bhangra, my music is evolving to encompass a wider range of influences and styles. With The Next Chapter EP as a starting point, expect my sound to continue to evolve, surprise, and captivate.

My music is for everyone. It’s about breaking down barriers and connecting through sound. Whether you’re a dedicated drum & bass lover or someone looking to explore new musical horizons we hope to hear you’ll find a warm and supportive environment with us.

We’re all about embracing innovative sounds and pushing the boundaries of music. If you’re an artist looking for a platform to explore new territories, we’d love to hear from you.

Follow me on social media, join the conversation, and be a part of this musical journey. Let’s share our passion for beats and bass. Finally, I want to say a massive thank you to you Dave for your support so far and being a part of this journey. Your passion for music and dedication to shining a spotlight on artists like myself is truly inspiring. Your work makes a difference and I’m grateful to have crossed paths with you on this musical journey. I hope you all enjoy the E.P. Peace!

Bally-M – Next Chapter is out August 25

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