Catch Cwm Dancing LIVE at Love Trails Festival

1 More Thing will be soundtracking a unique running / music event on July 7

Torn between a love for raving and a more wholesome pursuit of wellness?

Maybe you can scratch that itch with Love Trails.

Taking place July 6 – 9 on the beautiful Gower peninsula, South Wales, Love Trails unites the two often disparate worlds of running and raving in a unique, exciting and authentic way. A one-of-a-kind event, Love Trails began in 2016 with 30 runners on a campsite and has developed into an event that attracts over 3500 fitness and fun enthusiasts from all over the world and offers an epic menu of attractions and activities.

Accessible for all levels of ability, Love Trails offers everything from ultra runs to beer mile relays via myriad sports and activities such as yoga, rock climbing, paddle boarding, surfing and more. And that’s before you consider the evening’s music menu. Over the four days this year the event welcomes the likes of High Contrast & Dynamite MC, Hollie Cook, Barry Can’t Swim, Cut Capers, Biig Piig, JFB, Edie Bens, Mali Haf and Cwm Dancing!

1 More Thing‘s very own Welsh Music podcast Cwm Dancing will be present and correct on Friday July 7 with two shows…

We’ll be taking over the mainstage to host a special live radio show in the afternoon that will be broadcast across the site before taking the party into the dance arena in the evening for a full Cwm Dancing soundclash where host NoDave will be going toe-to-toe with fellow Welsh selectors S.W.I.D and Martyn Kinnear… Taking the runners on a very different course and terrain than they might have experienced during the day.

Kicking off just weeks after our Balter takeover and just days after our first birthday celebrations, the Cwm Dancing takeover at Love Trails is yet another opportunity for 1 More Thing to take our vibe into real life spaces and extend our platform for exciting and forward-thinking talent in the physical realm. It was announced today on a brand new Cwm Dancing episode that features a guestmix from S.W.I.D to mark the moment. You can check the full episode on all podcast platforms here. Or listen below…



For more information and background on Love Trails you can also check this previous episode of Cwm Dancing as we were joined by their head of music Ollie Baxter who told us all about how the event came to be and the unique community that’s developed around it.

“If you’re a clean living runner who hasn’t really liked the idea of a festival before because you feel it might be full of people off their faces, this is a way of experiencing how a festival can be when done in a different way,” Ollie explains. “On the flipside, if you’re entering your late 20s or 30s or 40s and you’re looking for something more restorative or chilled out or family friendly then this might be for you.”

Wherever you sit on that spectrum, Love Trails occupies a genuinely unique place on the ever-sprawling festival landscape and is well worth considering. Check their website for full details and please come and say hi or shwmae if you are in attendance. See you there!

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