CLIQUES open up with heartfelt new release – Life Experiences Of

All proceeds will go to the Campaign Against Living Miserably

Best known for earth-shaking dancefloor balistics and tongue-in-cheek meme-ology, UK drum & bass trio CLIQUES drop the masks and mayhem for a moment and real their most ambitious and realest record so far… Life Experiences Of.

A moving collection that’s made with love, hope and total empathy for anyone who’s feeling like they’re at rock bottom in any type of way, Life Experiences Of draws deeply from the experiences of CLIQUES and their collaborators and will resonate with anyone facing challenges, demons and darkness in life.

All proceeds raised will go to a vital UK support service, too. CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably.

“Music isn’t just the soundtrack to life. It can be a lifeline for many. At CALM, we understand its power to connect, uplift us and even save lives. The statistics are dire: 125 lives are lost to suicide each week in the UK. People working in the music industry are eight times more likely to be at risk of suicide. This is why CALM’s services are crucial. Our helpline answers a call every 59 seconds. The generous contribution from Cliques through their “Life Experiences” will help us ensure that no one has to face that struggle alone.” Decontee Moore, Corporate Fundraising Officer at CALM 

Empowering, stirring and raw, Life Experiences Of is a suite-style body of work featuring collaborations with Genesis Elijah, Grim Sickers, Ruth Royall and Sam Sapphire.

Composed to be experienced as one long piece, each stands alone with its message and meaning… Especially the lead track Unconditional Love. Led by the strings of Vio.let and the spoken word of CLIQUES member Paul, we caught the video:


A powerful piece, that was over a year in the making, Paul‘s vocals characterise the EP and hit with extra poignancy as he’s been very open about his own battles and journey back from rock bottom on the CLIQUES social media pages.

Now a proud dad and part of a unique D&B act who have so far done things almost entirely on their own terms since emerging in 2020, he’s turned his life around in an incredible way and all three members of the troupe – Paul, Phil and Moe – want to be part of a positive movement to help others who need that.

“We put our hearts into this release, life has many highs and lows and ‘Life Experiences Of…’ recognises the journey that we are all on but most importantly speaks directly to those that right at this point in time may be finding life challenging. This isn’t an EP of rave anthems but instead a release that we and all the artists that feature hope will find people when they most need it.” 

We have more than enough anthems. Records as heartfelt and honest are all too rare and we need more…

The more open we are and the more we talk about mental health, depression and suicide, the less it’s stigmatised and the more open others can be. Our heart and love goes out to everyone suffering in any type of way. You can help CLIQUES and CALM directly via Just Giving

Stream the sh!t out of the EP too and help to raise even more


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