D&B labels join forces to create new playlist: Drum & Bass Concept

Strength in numbers... Over 60 labels unite for this new collaboration

A vibrant cross-section of drum & bass labels have united for a brand new Spotify playlist: Drum & Bass Concept.

The concept is simple: all labels from heavyweight titans to rising newcomer imprints work together to create the most inclusive and comprehensive snapshot of contemporary drum & bass and current releases each and every week in a bid to push each other and raise the profile of drum & bass across the board.

Operating with the tagline “Drum & Bass Concept. Made by those in Drum & Bass for those who love Drum & Bass”, Drum & Bass Concept is a wholesome sign of scene unity spearheaded by Benny V.

“I fully appreciate everyone has their own path,” states Benny. “But if and when the scene pulls together we are stronger. I literally love drum & bass and have done for my entire teens and adult life. I love every subgenre and the idea of the community as a whole joining forces to start a playlist is incredibly appealing to me on both a work & personal level. This is an inclusive playlist and showcases our scene, from the OGs to current pace setters.”

All flavours, all forms, all styles, all shapes, all ages, all places: Drum & Bass Concept has been bubbling away behind the scenes in recent weeks and launches in earnest today, January 30. The cooperative project includes an epic variety of imprints from mainstream to underground and will be updated regularly with imprints being able to put forward one of their current releases at any one time. Labels linked up so far are as follows…

1985 Music, 24 Karat Records, 4 Corners Music, AFT Records, Aphrodite Recordings, Audio Porn, Basslayerz, Born On Road, Co-Lab, Calypso Muzak, Covert Garden, Critical Music, Crucast, Dance Concept, DeVice, Dirtbox Recordings, Dispatch, Dope Ammo, Dread Recordings, Dub Shotta, Eatbrain, Emcee Recordings, Eternal Muzic, Footnotes, Formation Records, Goldfat Records, Gradient Records, Grand Theft Audio, Grid Recordings, Higher Energy, Holographic Audio, Hospital Records, Illmatika, Informal, Invicta Audio, Kartoons, Korsakov, Liondub International, Low Down Deep, Metalheadz, Natty Dub, Nuusic, Onyx Recordings, Original Key Records, Patrol The Skies, Playaz, Propa Talent, Prototype Recordings, Ram Records, Riot Records, Ruffneck Ting, SASASAS, Showtime Music, Soul Deep Records, Soulvent Records, Souped Up Records, Spearhead Records, Sub-Liminal, Suburban Base, Sweet Tooth, Technimatic Music, TrES-2B, Trust Audio, Viper Recordings, VTO Records, X-AMNT

An impressive rollcall of labels that’s likely to grow in the coming weeks, it’s an inspiring snapshot of just how thriving, creatively wide-armed and global drum & bass is right now. Drum & Bass Concept joins an already healthy collection of active and upfront drum & bass playlists that all provide a unique perspective on the genre, including our own playlist with is updated with 50 new tracks each Friday: Freshest Drum & Bass.

With many of the labels announcing the playlist today in a bid to get as many D&B heads following and supporting, we asked the collective for a little hype. Check the playlist and read on…

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24 Karat Recordings

“The drum and bass concept playlist is the playlist other playlists wish they could be. A playlist from within the scene for those within the scene.”


“We are excited to be a part of the Drum & Bass Concept. The scene has always been about bringing people together, joining forces with all these amazing labels an example of that! For us this playlist is about celebrating all releases and giving drum & bass lovers the opportunity to discover different artists, sub genres & labels.”

Dance Concept

“We have long supported all different styles of jungle drum & bass so it is a real honour to help and be part of what is ultimately a community of labels working together to give something to fans of our music.”

Dirtbox Recordings

“A fantastic idea within the drum & bass community for huge support on the labels to get their music heard and the listeners to find new artists and labels to follow.”

Grand Theft Audio Recordings

“It is always a pleasure to work with Benny V on projects. As Sola, we have released half a dozen tracks on Dance Concept as well as collaborated with him on several tracks. He is bringing the same care and dedication to this playlist as he brings to the rest of his work and we’re delighted Grand Theft Audio is involved from the off.”

Original Key Records

“Original Key Records are based in Germany and try to push jungle and D&B over here and around the world. We are proud to be part of this new playlist and we hope that this project can help all of us independent labels to get more attention in this streaming game.”

Patrol The Skies

“Patrol The Skies Music is an American D&B label based out of NYC owned by DJ Seen of The Burner Brothers and we are proud to be part of the Drum & Bass Concept playlist.”

Propa Talent

“Propa Talent continues to set the bar high for all female producers as well as effortlessly creating hits with the boyz alongside everyone on the Drum & Bass Concept playlist.”

Souped Up Records

“Music from every corner of the drum & bass scene coming together under one playlist. Let the beats & bass rain all over you and may you bask in its glory.”


“Sub-liminal Recordings will provide you with some of our freshest music via the Drum & Bass Concept playlist and will be updated very regularly!”

Trust Audio

“‘For us, by us’ Drum & Bass Concept is the way forward for jungle/drum & bass in Spotify Playlists and exactly what we need. Big ups Benny for getting this off the ground.”

Viper Recordings

“Always great to see the scene supporting each other in these ways, one of the key reasons we keep growing , thanks to the team pulling it all together.”

VTO Recordings

“Drum & Bass Concept covering all aspects of D&B is just what our community needs. Cannot wait for the project to take off.”


“X-AMNT Music is run by Bristol Stalwarts Kickback & Bunjy (Laid Blak) with a combined 50 years experience in the music industry, we are aiming to give a home for our own productions, as well as finding out undiscovered talent to bring to the forefront & are honoured to be part of the Drum & Bass Concept playlist.”




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