DOMAIN: Overview Music reveal more about new label 

Everything we need to know so far...

As teased on their social media channels over the last few weeks, Brighton/Bristol-based futurist stable Overview Music have launched a brand new label – DOMAIN 

Devised and designed over the last six months in a move to support more artists and a wider range of music, DOMAIN launched last Friday March 22 with a dope two-tracker from ABLEBang / The Depths



“The idea is to have an outlet for creative freedom in terms of what we sign and the artists we work with,” states label founder Peter Piper AKA Energy, a man who was last spotted on this site in January 2023 with a killer mix of dubs and a very telling interview regarding his now sober lifestyle. 

Overview has developed a very tight roster and it’s become harder for artists to get on the label. We wanted to take a bit of pressure away and have freedom to sign music we like, not worry about how it’s going to sit alongside the music we’ve released and the artists we’ve already signed.” 

With a roster that comprises the rising and highly respected likes of Wingz, Rueben, Klinical, Rizzle, Waeys, YAANO, Operate, gyrofield and Bredren (to name a few) Overview is now responsible for a near-weekly release schedule and is set to start releasing artists albums imminently. With such a level of commitment to their roster already in place on Overview, Peter and label partner Ollie Dumas (AKA sub-antics) want DOMAIN to bring back the original vibes they launched Overview with.

“If you look at the Zone VA compilations we’ve done,” Peter suggests. “DOMAIN will be an extension of that series, where we’d get guests and maybe people who don’t always release on the label. We’re excited to see what’s happening going into the future. I’ve coordinated the artwork, Ollie is doing the animation.. It’s a very DIY project! That’s how Overview started with us two doing that, before we started to bring in animators or outside artists for releases. So to go back and do things ourselves has been a real fun aspect of it.”

DIY manoeuvres with an eye to supporting more deserving underground drum & bass artists – DOMAIN ticks all the right boxes as far as 1 More Thing can see. It all kicks off with ABLE’s double header. Recently spotted on the likes of Flexout, OCC and originally Critical Music, ABLE now takes the honour of launching Overview’s new imprint.  

ABLE is a very exciting producer who we feel deserves more attention and credit. He’s the perfect artist to be launching the label,” Peter states. “Following that we’ve got some really cool artists involved including Tryst Temps, Dub Ten and quite a few others. It’s coming together nicely, there’s a great buzz and feeling a bit like how it was in the beginning. It’s really inspiring and we’re excited to see how this develops…”

So are we. ABLE – Bang / The Depths is out now:

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