Introducing Cwm Dancing: A show dedicated to Welsh music

A 21st century exploration of the Land Of Song

Following the commission of an extensive article for DJ Mag on Welsh electronic music this year – in which  upwards of 50 artists and professionals were interviewed and consulted – I’ve now launched a brand new podcast to celebrate the wealth of exciting music being made in the country.

As I explore in the feature, a new generation of produers, MCs, singers and writers are redefining the Welsh narrative and setting high benchmarks for a new generation. The country has many organisations and bodies working on enabled and empowering Welsh youth – especially those who are under-represented and those who live in low income areas – and there’s a very positive energy when speaking to artists and industry professionals about the future of Welsh music. In short; it’s a really exciting time for Welsh music. But there’s always been exciting things happening in Wales…

I felt my DJ Mag feature only scratched the surface. To take in the country’s rich – but often undocumented – history, its consistent contributions to dance music, DJ and club culture since the arrival of hip-hop, its bi-lingual culture and try to acknowledge all genres within 4000 words was just the start of my research and documentation. Cwm Dancing is the next stage.

The first episode is a two hour special that takes in every possible style and scene from ambient to acid techno while guests include Llew, LSN, Lubi J and Niques. It’s been a labour of love and something I hope to repeat on a monthly basis.

If you’re a Welsh artist, a Welsh label or an artist who’s chosen to make Wales their home then please get in touch –

Enjoy the show in the player below, or find it on Spotify and Apple Music

Thanks, Dave Columbo Jenkins

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