Introducing DNB: Do Not Burnout

MC Fokus and Daniel White want to help you thrive in life

This Saturday, December 17, MC Fokus and DJ/promoter Daniel Vit D White will be hosting a free two hour virtual workshop: DNB – Do Not Burnout.

Aimed at helping the drum & bass community improve their sleep routines, diet, lifestyle, habits and mental health, the two hour discussion will take place online from 3pm GMT.

“The whole thing about helping people improve their wellbeing, maybe start to eliminate toxic habits, get to grips with things holding them back in their lives and identify destructive habits,” explains MC Fokus who’s teamed up with Guernsey-based promoter, DJ and health expert Daniel White to host the session.

Real name Phil Stanley, Fokus has undergone a major life change himself in recent times, quitting his day job in sales to become a life coach and setting up his own company – Come On Coaching.

“My old job was fine, I’d worked there for 17 years, it wasn’t a bad company,” he explains. “But every Sunday I had that back-to-work feeling and every week I had to put my mask on. I wasn’t being my authentic self and it was starting to bring me down.”

Describing how he’s upgraded his life challenges for more meaningful ones, Phil was booked by Daniel recently for his Selection event. The pair instantly found a connection through their shared passions of both music and wellness and started developing the Do Not Burnout concept – an open discussion that aims to help people create a better lifestyle balance without compromising on things they love.

“I want to help the community that’s saved me at points throughout my life,” explains Dan who found a positive path out of depression and a very dark period in his life through music. A trained nutritionist and health coach who spearheads a business called Sleep Better, Live Better, Daniel has spent the last 10 years developing ways of balancing a life in music and the realities of the more conventional working week.

“The two aren’t mutually exclusive,” says Dan. “You can enjoy both and I’ve developed tools to help do that.”

Many of these tools will be shared on December 17 as Fokus flies over to Guernsey to chat with Daniel for their online event. “It doesn’t need to be boring or complicated. We want to make this fun and informative, just two mates chatting about what they love and sharing ideas,” the MC explains.

“It’s all about little small steps,” he continues. “It’s that extra 1% you can do every day and not about unrealistic life overhauls. We hope to introduce things into your life that will hopefully make you feel happier, calmer and more positive.”

With winter being a challenging time for mental health, and the current rise in costs creating stress for many of us, Phil and Daniel’s initiative brings treats a whole week ahead of Christmas. The event is free and anyone who signs up will have access to the recording to watch at a later date.

“We want to knock that gauge forward and help you raise those energy levels,” says Daniel. “This is about sowing the seeds and beginning the conversation.”

Join the conversation on Saturday December 17 at 3pm. Full details & Info.

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