Jermaine Soul & Utelka unleash emotional collaboration – Signs

Destination Defrostatica

Leipzig beat stable Defrostatica tap into the timeless spirit and aesthetic of Autonomic with their latest release: Signs courtesy of rising UK artists Jermaine Soul and Utelka.

Brand new to the label, the emergent Birmingham-based collaborators have been working together for several years, including Utelka’s debut EP Asphyxiology, which is what brought the duo to the label boss Booga’s attention. Signs is their latest collaboration as they continue to find a sweet spot between contemporary beats and soul, conjuring a vibe and emotional feeling that works so well for the sunny season.

“We’ve been working together for a few years and she always has this incredible ability to breathe new life into my tracks,” explains Jermaine of Utelka. “Even if I’m not really feeling the track, her vocals are always the missing piece in the jigsaw. That was case with Signs. Originally it was an unfinished track then Utelka heard it, wrote it and made it complete.”

It’s a two way street as Utelka gives similar praise. “We allow each other to thrive creatively and musically,” she tells us. “Working with Jermaine comes so easily, he really allows me to be creative and delve deep into my consciousness in a judgement free zone. The combination ofr this with the mind blowing production and his unique style we really complement each other.”

Further complementary vibes come courtesy of remixers Ticklish and max9k who put a twist on the breaks and give it a euphoric edge.

Expect more vibes from the duo on Defrostatica very soon, too. Another single is expected in autumn and an album will follow in 2023. For now it’s all about Signs, one of the most emotional tracks Defrostatica have released in their seven year history it lands this Friday, July 1.

Jermaine Soul & Utelka – Signs is out July 1. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.

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