Join us at The Rave Story

Full scope across the eras, genres and generations: April 1, Electrowerkz London

1 More Thing is proud to announce our second collaboration with The Rave Story as the event returns to Electrowerkz, London, on April 1.

A 360 trip through time, styles and activities, The Rave Story is the ultimate day out for anyone interested in dance music and all the many genres that have since spawned from that primordial acid house and hardcore cultural phenomenon that erupted over 35 years ago.

Comprising DJ sets, a record fair, art exhibitions and room full of discussions and debates, The Rave Story is a full menu mission for anyone with an interest in our culture, its roots, how we got here and where we’re heading.

Performances from the likes of 4AM Kru, Pete Cannon, Billy Daniel Bunter, Arkyn, Swankout, Jay Cunning, Vinyl Junki, Madcap, T Cuts and stores, displays and exhibitions from some of the most iconic names and talents throughout the rave ages such as Raindance, Junior Tomlin, Jelly, Trouble On Vinyl, Western Lore and so many many more, The Rave Story strikes a sweet balance of dancefloor mischief and the much wider art and culture of our movement.

Food for the soul and the dancing feet, there’s no other event quite like it and 1 More Thing is proud to be involved as the official media partner and curator for the panels and topics in the discussion arena. Industry insight, big blasts of history and debates on important issues that affect our scene, topics include sobriety, MC culture, tales from promoters, how music press works and the story of some of the most influential radio stations of our movement.

Having held the discussion room at the previous event, we can tell you for real: The Rave Story has one of the most engaged, enthusiastic and passionate audiences we’ve ever held live discussions with. Mirroring the energy from the event’s multiple dancefloors, and the nerdiness of its bustling record store arenas, the room was charged with a deep love for our unique culture and a whole array of opinions and stories from start to finish.

We’ve said already: The Rave Story is a one of a kind experience that celebrates our heritage and values our future in equal measure, we can’t wait to see you there. Grab your tickets now and stay tuned for more updates very very soon. Spread love!


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