Katalyst releases new track – Blem

UK rising artist unleashes a whole barrage of freshness this week

Katalyst returns to our speakers from all directions this week with a brand new track and mix.

Fresh from her recent production debut on Biological Beats and smashing up dancefloors at the legendary Glastonbury and last weekend’s Electric Woodlands festival, the unstoppable UK artist continues to tear things up as she makes her debut on OTC with the free download Blem.

Blem was one of the first tracks I finished and thought, ‘Okay I’m getting somewhere,’” explains Katalyst. “It started out as a 140 track as you can probably hear in certain elements! I really enjoyed making it and have enjoyed playing it so much too.”

With a touch of grime charm and relentless energy, Blem follows Katalyst’s debut release Tell Me What You Wonna Hear with King Yoof on Biological Beats. The momentum’s building too as more is expected to land very soon.

“I have another free download coming out on my own Soundcloud next week,” she reveals. “Something summery I made when I got back from Dazed Weekender in Prague.”

In the meantime you can check out a full 55 minute workout from Katalyst in the form of her 360 D&B Jungle promo mix. Fresh up this week, it’s packed with over 70 tracks ranging from out and out classics to exceptionally cheeky dubs and is yet another reminder to be paying attention…

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