Scoped Sounds upgrade to full label with NEMAN

Sometimes you've got to Show Off

Launched August 2021 by Pengo and Jack Reeves, in a short space of time Scoped Sounds has already established itself as an exciting go-to for fresh talent and uncompromised club weaponry with the likes of Master Error, Amplify, Stillz, Drowzee, Alphaze, Steely and many more new-generation names appearing on the label so far.
The Scoped remit is simple: made by DJs for DJs, the focus is on the dancefloor and the mission is to encourage the best possible bangers for the rave. So far these have come in the form of a massive VA collection (First Blood) and two heavyweight VA EPs. Plenty more bangers are expected in the near future as this week Scoped Sounds level up from a free download platform to a full paying/streaming label.

Scoped Sounds’ aim is to “scope” the best jump up tunes from upcoming artists within the underground scene,” Jack and Aaron Pengo tell 1 More Thing. “We set up the label to give talented upcoming artists a platform to showcase their best work. Furthermore, on the other side, we set up the label for DJs. We sign tunes that are DJ friendly and will set the dance floor alight!”
“We have lots of amazing projects in the works,” they continue. “EPs from Alphaze, Jay Jay, Pengo and Silvz are all in the works! We also have an album in the works, with talented producers that we closely work with.”
Talented producers like London duo NEMAN who pull the trigger on Scoped’s new full-label mission with their Show Off EP. “We chose NEMAN for our first EP as the duo are absolutely smashing it with quick paced melodic jump up!” Jack and Aaron explain. “The first ever tune we signed was Show Off, and seeing the reactions it got in the dance, we knew we needed another five!”

The love goes both ways as NEMAN are more than happy to be part of the label taking this major step-up: “Scoped Sounds has given us a great platform to release some of our best music to date. They provide a fantastic opportunity for any up and coming artist in the scene and we are proud to be a part of it.”
Usually the rule is that no one likes a Show Off, but in NEMAN‘s case rules are definitely made to be broken. Follow Scoped Sounds for more details on releases as they announce them…

NEMAN – Show Off EP is out July 15 on Scoped Sounds

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