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STONX rally up the neuro troops with Disciples Of Distortion Vol 2

It drops September 22

September 22 will see Stonx Music’s latest community project hit the drum & bass world with mind bending VA energy: Disciples Of Distortion Vol. 2 – a brand new concoction of next-generation artists and label veterans delivering 12 tracks of neurofunk mayhem.

As with their previous Disciples Of Distortion album, the compilation has a real sense of community and collaborative camaraderie, which is something Stonx have been renowned for and have talked about previously on this site in this past interview.

“The Disciples of Distortion is more than just a VA,” explains Ollie Stonx. “It’s a community-driven movement within the Stonx Music Discord family. We come together with one simple goal—to create the phattest tunes we can. It’s not about competition; it’s about collaboration, where everyone lends a helping hand with feedback and ideas, united by our love for filthy, dirty neurofunk.”

Featuring the likes of Subcat, Skorpion, M4, Direct Shift, Moisinn and many others, Disciples Of Distortion Vol 2 is right at the forefront of the new neuro sound that Stonx have been championing since they first emerged in 2020. As a reminder of just how focused and fired up the UK act are, check this thumping mix they provided us with earlier this year. Their first 100% Stonx productions mix, it’s testament to their high quality control and uncompromised vision.


The array of talent on Stonx’s books is another reason for neuro nerds far and wide to get excited about.

“When I look at the diverse talent featured on this VA release, I’m genuinely astounded by the staggering talent that graces the scene today,” Ollie beams when discussing the Stonx roster. “From our seasoned Stonx Music stalwarts like Sindicate and Skorpion to the fresh faces like H_MAN and O&P, this VA stands as a testament to the soaring heights of neurofunk production in the current era.”

It’s also testament to the togetherness of the Stonx family and their collective hunger to progress the subgenre’s sound. Alongside other exciting new neuro labels such as Evolution Chamber, BrainRave, Neuroheadz and Route97, Stonx Music is a healthy sign that the future is very bright for the contemporary neuro sound.

“It’s a shared journey of growth,” states Ollie. “A testament to our unwavering dedication to both the music and the family we’ve built.”

Strap yourselves in, the Disciples Of Distortion are in town.

Disciples Of Distortion Vol 2 is out September 22. 

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