T.R.A.C unleashes Next Level Event Pt 2 mixtape

Rolling deep with I-CUE and Al Pack, the NYC MC gets busy once again

This one goes out to all you lovers out there…

Dropped fresh for Valentine’s Day, the enduring North American rapper T.R.A.C. links up with longtime collaborator and fellow US stalwart I-CUE alongside special guest UK beatsmith Al Pack for the second volume of his mixtape series: Next Level Event

“I decided to drop this on Valentines strictly for the love of the scene. I really hope the people enjoy this,” says T.R.A.C. “Second time around with an added UK twist that is Al Pack. It’s always fun to put this mix together but if we were to do this twice, I really wanted to try a few things different.”

Different, dynamic, soulful, sexy, thoughtful and full of hip-hop influence; A mix like this could only come from the west side of the pond. Loaded with shoutouts and stings from some of the biggest voices in the game such as Navigator, Randall, Bryan Gee, Sweetpea, Tali, Sl8r, Collette Warren, Riya, Saxxon, Diligent Fingers, Armani Reign and the late great Leke Aerosoul (RIP) and snippets from our very own podcast with T.R.A.C. which we dropped exactly a year ago, you can listen to the full mix right here….


‘To Rock All Crowds’, ‘In Club Underground Events’, ‘All Live Perfected And Consistently Killed’ is the trifecta that is The Next Level Event Version 2.0…” I-CUE


Not just a mixtape, Next Level Event Pt 2 also comes complete with a DJ pack full of fresh originals from the mix.

Loaded with stacks of T.R.A.C. freshness – including specials like F Bombs (VIP) which sees T spitting over a D&B version of Wale‘s Lotus Flower Bomb and a VIP of Al Pack‘s Don’t Cry, to name just two – it showcases how much thought, detail and effort has gone into this body of work.

An album sized mixtape / a mixtape shaped album… Whatever you prefer to call it, this has been a long time in the making and it sounds super fat for for it.

“This mix and the music we’ve produced for it was a real labour of love over the past year or so,” concludes Al Pack. “It’s been cool having regular dialogue and working with these two legends to make something so authentic sounding. I’m proud of the outcome.”

We love it too. Support it, stream it, get into your best vibe on this special day and the rest of the year. Much love. 

Need more T.R.A.C. in your life? Check our podcast on all good platforms or on YouTube below…


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