The Prototypes & Benny V launch Roadblock Records

Kicking off with Nick Prototypes’ vibey debut solo single - First Sun

Massive news klaxon!

The Prototypes and Benny V have launched a new label – Roadblock Records.

It kicks off with a deep and vibey debut that’s perfect for the spring months ahead. A breezy, house-influenced bubbler, First Sun rolls out with a gentle urgency and a contemporised riff on a particularly sun-kissed era of D&B in the late 2000s age when the likes of Brookes Brothers and Logistics should have been awarded crowns bigger than your bed.

Tune in, vibe out…

Excitingly, it’s not what you’d expect from The Prototypes, but that’s the point. Now a solo act, Nick White has a complete blank sonic canvas and there’s once again a refreshed energy and enthusiasm about him. Plus First Sun couldn’t come from a more purer place of inspiration… It’s a dedication to his first born Sully.

Since we last spoke to him, Nick has become a very proud dad and he’s still living sober as he discussed at the time. Most importantly he’s armed and ready for a bold next chapter. Prior to First Sun, he set the scene with a monstrous bootleg of Breach – Jack. It hit number one in the Hypeddit D&B charts and set the message clear: it will take more than a sudden break-up to kill The Prototypes.

If anything it appears to have made him stronger.

Throw in a new partnership with scene veteran and savvy label man Benny V, the artist behind Dance Concept and Souped Up (alongside Serum), and that’s a pretty heady cocktail with a promising future. Pay attention!

Roadblock. Tell us everything! The idea, the concept, the sound, the plans!

Nick: Last year I was looking at how I can relaunch The Prototypes for the next chapter and top of that list was a new label to pour this new inspiration into. I sat down with some of my most trusted friends and family and brainstormed potential label names. Roadblock came out on top and the ideas started to flow about musical direction and art work. It changed a lot when Benny came on board. We managed to hone down the exact identity as a brand and it started to look very real. With everything I do, the aim is for it to be as BIG as possible… You know that Dave!

Haha. Benny, what’s your take?

Benny V: When Nick mentioned this at first I was just up for helping him. But at it evolved I started seeing something very clear and distinct. Something that I wasn’t already doing and could stamp my personal touch on things. Those who know me well will just look at the label & know instantly how personal it is to my tastes.

Tell us about the first single… 

Nick: Pretty much all my recent music has been inspired by the birth of my son Sully. My first born. I love this track as it’s the kind of music I’ve always wanted to write but never felt the freedom or confidence to do so. It’s definitely more for the heads and it’s really exciting to me to able to do this with total freedom.

Yes! Benny, what’s your role in this and how did you both link up? 

 Benny V: Obviously I have been well aware of Nick’s work and supported the Get Hype label. I always threw their names in the ring with promotors I was working with about potential partners I would be willing to work with on my other nights. Literally within a space of a few days it went from Nick asking me for some advice on a couple of bits to him asking if I was up for jumping in. Like I mentioned earlier, the vision was really clear and I absolutely knew what direction I wanted to take certain things. It’s been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Apart from for Nick when I’m chasing him for things haha.


Cracking the whip! Can we expect releases from many different artists?

Nick: Wait and see!

Benny V: We have, in my opinion, a perfect blend of big established names and top emerging talent that represent the sound we are going for.

Will there be Roadblock parties? With a name like that, there probably will…

Nick: Absolutely. A whole range of parties are planned.

Benny V: We cannot wait to get this going. Local promoters are welcome to get in touch, too

Can people send you demos? If so, how? 

Nick: Hit us up on the socials

Tease us for the future! 

Benny V: Literally cannot wait to unveil what we have in store. Even when we think we have a big one, something bigger appears and we frantically and excitedly shuffle the pack to keep everything looking fresh!

Nick: Just keep an eye on us as we are most definitely not here to make up the numbers!

What else does the world need to know about Roadblock right about now? 

Benny V: Great energetic music. Eclectic sounds and lots of fun to play, listen and rave to!

Nick: I think it’s gonna be more than just a label as it evolves… The game has changed and we aim to be at the front of that, covering a lot of angles whilst fundamentally releasing great music!

The Prototypes – First Sun is out now

Support Roadblock Records: Facebook > Instagram > Twitter



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