1 More Thing #013: Dub Phizix

The Manny maestro goes in deep in this rare extensive interview

Following the recent upload of the full 45 minute Winter Songbook project, Dub Phizix returns to 1 More Thing to tell us how this remarkable new release came to be and how he’s reached one of his most inspired mindsets in many many years.

Over the course of an hour, George Phizix looks back over his career so far… The studios he’s built, his time on the road, his sobriety (and the many years of being a self described ‘piss can’ before that) his creative process, the unique balance between science and art that is drum & bass and the parallel universe in which he is actually enjoying life as a joiner.

Dub Phizix interviews are pretty rare. Extensive video interviews that allow a sneaky peak into his hand-built studio are even rarer. Savour this moment, sit back and get to hear from one of the most thoughtful, detail-obsessed and humorous minds in this music…

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