48 Hours In Amsterdam

10 interviews, the last ever Noisia Invites and lessons on classic art

Dave Columbo Jenkins went to Amsterdam for two days armed with nothing then his phone, a mic, a selfie stick and a thirst for drum & bass inspiration. This is how things went down…

48 hours in 48 minutes featuring footage from the last ever Noisia Invites show plus 10 short interviews with exclusive news, insight and commentary from the likes of Yorobi, Leniz, Nymfo, Lenzman, Subp Yao, DJ Ride, Scartip, AL/SO, Rueben and Peter Overview Piper.

From museums to boat rides and a wide range of Dutch history thrown in for good measure, all to the backdrop of D&B, this is The Netherlands’ most beautiful capital city in a way you’ve never seen before.

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