FREE EP! Grand Theft Audio x 1 More Thing

Beskar, Sola & ADUKEN, Plasmator and Replete all join forces

It’s happened again!

Following last year’s awesome EP, the amazing folk at Sola‘s Grand Theft Audio Recordings imprint have put together another incredible release exclusively for 1 More Thing!

Beskar, Sola & ADUKEN, Plasmator and Replete have blessed us with bangers to help us rally up Patreon supporters raise funds for our editorial operations and the whole EP is an absolute treat and the full EP is available on Bandcamp.

You can check all the tracks below in our Soundcloud playlist and watch the video interview with all contributors below. Enjoy!

All contributions raised by this EP will help 1 More Thing continue into the future. We are fully independent and maximual DIY. We exist soley to support the culture and help shine a spotlight on genuinely innovative and forward-thinking artists and help them tell their stories. We are not motivated by profits, numbers or statistics. We just love this music, we want to help create a much fairer and inclusive music industry and want to see the right people get the ears, props and love their deserve (but we also need to eat)

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