1 More Mix 085: Schema

Destination Paris for a wild multi-genre sonic tale. Bon voyage!

This week we welcome Schema to our 1 More Mix series.

Based in Paris, videographer Schema is entrenched in bass culture. As a DJ, as a raver, as an artist and with her role at STUDIO, a progressive and exciting music platform who we definitely cite as an inspiration and blueprint here at 1 More Thing.

If you’ve watched any of their filmed sets, you’ll already be aware of Schema’s visual work. If not, you’re in for a treat… They’ve got loads.

“The video production has become a huge part of STUDIO now, we truly are a video production agency haha,” laughs Schema AKA Marine Longuemart. “The work the team is doing is pretty impressive.
Many people in the STUDIO team are involved. All passionate people. Meet the team behind a camera at some festivals this summer maybe haha!”

The summer seems too far away. Luckily Schema’s mix is here right now. Check it and get to know…


What an interesting mix! So many different sounds and stories all weaved together. Guide us through your controlled chaos…

Thanks a lot! Indeed, this mix is like a “story” with different chapters. My aim was to create a mix without any style/genre limits: to free myself from any predefined structure. The only framework I put in place was to select tracks that had a profound effect on me – tracks that evoked specific moments in my life, perhaps timeless classics I adore, or recently released tracks that I play on replay all the time.

The aim was to create a story by merging tracks that already had their own narrative, adapting them to my own vision and building something new, reflecting my musical evolution.  It’s also about showcasing the artists I like, to encourage you to discover them.

You can feel that. It’s a great time for multi genre mixes isn’t it?

Absolutely, and I have the impression that more “multi-genre” stuff appears within the bass music scene since a few years ago. Influences are coming from everywhere and it makes the scene become wider, stronger and more intense!

It comes from this overall vibe in bass music I think. I would say that, more globally, multi-genre mixes serve as a means to broaden our musical palate, encouraging us to discover various vibes, artists, and tunes. It’s a way of breaking free from musical boundaries. For those who enjoy exploration, the diggers, multi-genre mixes are treasures. You trust the artist’s vision and follow her.

In that sense, in a time where algorithms predict and calculate what could be our tastes, our tracks of the day, our next likes… Music curation of an artist through unexpected mixes are  another way to listen to music, another way to explore, far from streaming music systems, but from an artist’s vision. DJs are here for that : sharing their treasures to their audiences.

Of course I also appreciate single genre mixes. It depends on the mood. Sometimes we know exactly what we want to listen to.

Yeah totally. Really valid point about musical discoveries through multi-genre mixes, too. Tell us about Paris, the places you rave and the places you DJ.

Well… I originally come from the countryside in the Champagne region. I now live in Paris and I graduated as a fashion designer a few years ago and am now pursuing a second master’s degree in the business of creative and cultural industries.

I am literally learning to structure all my creative ideas and make them fit into the REAL world ahah. I currently half study/ half work in a video production company, in the creative development/marketing side. The good thing is that I have the chance to evolve in different sectors, allowing me to take a step back and feed my creativity for all my side projects : music, art, design.

The great thing about Paris is you literally have everything in terms of music, culture, art, new concepts, shows, etc. You have inspiration everywhere. In terms of bass music, of course we can’t beat the British scene but there are a lot of interesting things.

Speaking of raving, I would say that currently I like warehouse parties (techno and bass music), Petit Bain near the Seine river… And there is a very very cool place called La Gaîté Lyrique where you can enjoy immersive concerts and DJ sets. We also go to Belgium and to the Netherlands to party often. We wouldn’t miss Starwarz for anything.

As Schema, I had the opportunity to play in Paris during summer open-air events, afterworks, clubs and raves. I’ve two exciting dates to be announced very soon and I feel so lucky for them. Can’t say that much for the moment as it hasn’t been announced but the first gig is a French festival this summer, and second is a club show at Petit Bain in Paris.

Sick. Take us back to the start of your musical journey…

I got hooked with bass music during a solo trip to Barcelona around 2012. The aim of this trip was to break away from my life in France, and let everything go, like a space of time. I discovered this genre and it really represented what I was looking for. Before that, my musical influences were hip hop, jazz, soulful music, rock and sounds with lots of percussion. Back in Paris, I naturally discovered the whole scene and it was very very intense at that time.

I was influenced a lot by all the shows I attended, festivals I attended, and the artists I saw live. At that time there was a massive event called ANIMALZ. It was twice a year and was around nine hours of lasers, visual shows, drum & bass and dubstep sounds. The biggest artists came there: Mefjus, Noisia – Outer Edge Tour, Black Sun Empire, Gentlemens Club, Excision, AMC. Also at that time, Forever Drum & Bass was bringing big names like Marcus Intalex, DJ Storm, Fracture… Other events that no longer exist, but bring nostalgia include Jungle Juice, Drop Of Sweat, All Naked, Razing,…

At that time I didn’t live in Paris, so I had to spend four hours on public transport a day to get from home to school. Looking back, it was long hours of digging. I could really discover very exciting artists and tunes every day, listen to all my Soundcloud feed and write imaginary stories and tracks that I would love to blend together. I had the time to listen to all tracks, by really paying attention to them.

There’s a lot to be said for having that type of time to really absorb the music. I see you’ve titled your mixes Sonic Tales in the past. This is much more than just having a cheeky mix isn’t it? How do you approach your mixes and plan them? What’s the process?

I have a lot of projects in terms of mixes. They all depend on what I want to create at the moment. Some ideas come and leave, others stay. Sonic Tales is a project I started in the summer of 2022, with the idea of making the soundtrack of an imaginary movie, still with different chapters and vibes. Sonic Tales 2 is under construction with an evolving structure; a written tale and visual story. Maybe thanks to AI for this part.

I like to alternate between “personal/experimental/ artistic” mixes and “cheeky mixes”, made for the dancefloor. Music for art and music for the bass faces. We can have both!

I’m a very visual person. I visualize images and atmospheres with music so it came naturally to create this Sonic Tales concept. By the way DJ name Schema comes from Colour Scheme. I have a weird passion for colours, textures and all these things ahah.

I hear you. What makes an interesting mix for you and who are your favourite DJs?

In my opinion I think an interesting mix is a balanced recipe: a coherent, fluid structure, varying BPMs, a few bewitching melodies, lots of spice, a little sweet. Tracks caught from the depths of the internet and creations by the greatest artists of yesterday, today and tomorrow. And, among others, tracks that move you and your audience.

It’s hard to say who my favourite DJs, are. Techniques, tempos and a very unique way to mix bass music would be DJ Ride. I also really enjoy MVRK mixes. The one he did for Rendah Mag inspired me a lot. I also really love the energy and the vibe of Sara Landry.


Got any dream B2Bs?

Tough one. Maybe Thys B2B Flore, HOLLY B2B X&G, Sherelle B2B Fracture, Subtension B2B Erotic Café.

Some very sick B2Bs! Nice to hear some UFO! in the mix… He really is a king isn’t he?

I really appreciate his unique style overall, musically and visually. He might be my most inspiring artist at the moment. He produces tracks that have the old school influences blended with an innovative approach.

There are so many ideas and variations in each of his tracks too! Music usually makes us feel things, but understanding them can be a bit tricky sometimes. I think the real “thing” of music is in how it changes its beats. These changes in rhythm are like the architects of the emotions you feel in music. When musicians/artists play with these changes, music starts feeling a lot more intense.

Not to mention his ET Finger Project with Bro Safari. Insane. REALLY my stuff!

Who else are kings and queens in this music game right now?

Ivy Lab, timeless kings

Koan Sound, the prodigies

Sevdaliza, goddess. The messages she carries, her voice, her creativity

DJ Ride, his unique style and mixing skills

Coido, very nice projects that came from recently

Vorso, Billain, gyrofield, DJ Rum. And so many more!

What else does the world need to know about Schema right about now?

That I’m currently working on bringing this Sonic Tales project much further. Bringing together music, written tales, visual and performing arts and that I’m excited to share the two gigs I have coming up this spring…

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