1 More Thing Podcast #012: Armanni Reign

A journey from US to UK, from hip-hop to D&B

Since he first picked up the mic in the 90s, Armanni Reign has explored the full range of the rap terrain from street cyphers to some of the biggest stages in electronic music.

An MC pioneer in the US drum & bass movement since the early 2000s, and the very first American Metalheadz resident, Armanni‘s dexterous, intelligent and fiery flows have peppered every style imaginable. Most recently he’s come full circle with his Last Rhetoric project, a collaboration with Bro Safari. Their album Old Tales is the most personal and accomplished body of work Armanni has created to date and continues to galvanise his status as one of the most versatile MCs across the electronic multiverse.

A self-described nerd, Armanni – or David Bruce if you’d like to be formal – approaches his craft with equal measures of science and creativity. A hugely humble, thoughtful and humorous artist, he joins 1 More Thing host Dave Columbo Jenkins to shed a little light on his journey so far, reflect on his deep love for hip-hop and discuss everything from the civil rights movement to mental health to the difference between being a David and a Dave.

As always, this one goes super deep. Get to know.

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