1 More Thing Podcast #009: Break

The deepest discussions in a Digital World

For our latest adventure in the realms of bass music, 1 More Thing welcomes the one and only Break.

Flexing a stylistic range that spans from soulful rollers to full-strength rave weapons,  Break – AKA Charlie Bierman – is one of the most respected artists in his field, renowned for both a strong sense of musicianship and his technical abilities as an engineer.

2023 marks his 20th year as a recording artist and it might just be one of his busiest, too. Not only has he just released his fifth studio album Digital World, an album that’s been celebrated universally across all facets of the ever-sprawling drum & bass scene, he’s also just completed a coveted residency at the cult London rave spot XOYO.

With plenty more in store for the year, Break take the time to chat to 1 More Thing‘s Dave Columbo Jenkins about his journey so far while pausing to take in many other topics and ideas. From giving up weed to lockdown woes to the legacy and influence of the late, great and forever missed Singing FatsCharlie goes in deep at every point in this rare moment of revelation. At one particular juncture he even agrees to set up a logistics company with Dave if the music fails him.  Something tells us it won’t!

As one of the few artists who’s been able to deny the usual social media tactics, Break is a rare breed of artist who’s not saturated our feeds with videos, memes and opinions. Besides his prolific output as an artist, his life remains shrounded in mystery, making this interview a genuinely unique moment to get acquainted with him on a much deeper level than usual.

We say this about all 1 More Thing podcast interviews but this one goes so deep! It’s a beautiful situation. Huge shouts to Break for taking the time to chat to us!

Recorded over Zoom, May, 2023.

Break – Digital World is out now on Symmetry Recordings

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