Introducing 1 More Thing Podcasts…

First up: Doc Scott

Introducing a brand new audio podcast series from 1 More Thing

We kick off with none other Doc Scott. One of the most respected and uncompromising pioneers of breakbeat culture who remains true to the craft to this day, Scott goes in deep on the influence of Detroit techno, the art of DJing, the exciting state of drum & bass, mental health, politics and why he will forever be obssessed with the future.

Hosted by Dave Columbo Jenkins, it’s a beautiful conversation and one not to be missed by any fan of contemporary electronic music.

The 1 More Thing Podcast can be found on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and YouTube or grab the RSS link here and subscribe on the platform of your choice.

Huge respect to Doc Scott for being the innaugural guest. Please support him….

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