Opening the club with Synoxis

We followed her ‘Kompass’ all the way to Ghent where she opened the night.

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Club season is in full swing again, and today we had a look on how they are battling the cold and dark nights in Belgium.

With Kompass, one of Belgium’s most famous clubs, opening up at a new location in Ghent, we were curious to see this new place and how they manage to sell-out their drum & bass events time and time again.

On the line-up tonight? Camo & Krooked, The Upbeats, Murdock, Bredren and more. But we weren’t there for them. Our attention was fully on the opening act of the second room: Synoxis

Synoxis has been making a name for herself in the scene for some time now, but lately she’s really been blowing up in the Belgian scene with her energetic mix of dancefloor and neurofunk. With this style she’s been taking the stages of Liquicity, Rampage, Full Circle and now Kompass.

Opening the rave with banging dancefloor and neurofunk is not the easiest thing to do, but thankfully the city of Ghent was awake. “About 15 minutes before my set I arrived at the location, and I noticed that One87 was playing deep liquid in the main room,” Synoxis tells us. “My style is more energetic, and I think that attracts a different audience. There were already a lot of people waiting for me to start my set. People were even counting down!” 

She started off with some subtle liquid tracks, but soon everyone got what they had been craving: that energetic dancefloor and neuro sound we all know Synoxis for. “I think I played a sound that’s really close to me. I really look up to Freaks & Geeks and Fourward, but because there were a lot of neuro names on the line-up tonight, I also dug a bit deeper in that genre. I think I’ve found the right balance in my set.” 

“I have been looking to book Synoxis for a while now,” James Marvel, promotor and DJ, says. “I think Kompass is the perfect place to give a chance to people that are doing well, and to give them a push in the right direction. I like Synoxis’ style, and track selection, it was just the perfect way of opening the night.” 

After Synoxis’s set, we sat down with her for a chat.

Congratulations on just opening up Kompass Klub! How was it?

Synoxis: Thank you, it was crazy! When I got booked I couldn’t believe it at first, I was so hyped. When I heard Camo & Krooked and The Upbeats would be on the line-up, I was so grateful for this chance, it’s amazing to be part of this night. Honestly, I was screaming inside when I heard the news.

I think my set tonight went really well, I just had so much fun. Normally I’m stressed out quite fast, but because there were a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, it felt like I was playing for friends. That gave me a really safe feeling, just knowing everything is going to be fine and that you’re surrounded by friends. As well, when I knew a nasty drop was coming, to be locking eyes with someone and dropping a bassface, that’s the best feeling ever!

It was definitely a banging set. Looking at the other people on the line-up, you’re the only woman on there. Does that happen a lot in Belgium? 

It’s certainly not a special thing to happen to me here in Belgium, it’s the case most of the time. But it has its advantages and disadvantages. The downside of being the only woman on a line-up could be feeling unsafe sometimes. It’s not necessarily because I’m in danger or anything, but for example being the only woman backstage is not always the best feeling. You’re not ‘one of the guys’. That scared feeling was more of a struggle in the beginning. Now that I know most artists in the Belgian scene, that feeling has definitely disappeared since we’re all just friends with the same passion.

The upside of this all is that you do get noticed more easily, though. Women in the audience look up to you more. When I play, there’s always some woman coming up to me afterwards saying “it was so nice to see someone from the same gender on stage for once.”

And what’s the plan for the rest of tonight?

I’m definitely going to check out Camo & Krooked, The Upbeats, some of Maze, James Marvel of course… I really want to enjoy the night, because deep down I’m not only a DJ but still a real raver. There’s not really a backstage room here, so I guess I’ll be on the dancefloor all night. I’m also going to check out and analyse how the other DJ’s play. Checking out their transitions, how they use their choppers and blenders, how they mix… I love learning from others. But yeah, I’m sure it’s going to be a vibe all night again, drum & bass in Kompass has just such a unique atmosphere. 

Thank you for the quick chat!

The tone of the night was set, and was followed by the same energy. Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, The Upbeats, Murdock, Bredren, Maze, James Marvel, Wasp… All of them played a marvelous set, and you could feel that the people of Ghent had missed drum & bass. “You could feel the love everywhere,” James Marvel tells us. “Even though it was the opening weekend of the club and some things weren’t perfect, everyone was really understanding. With a few minor tweaks, Kompass will be in full force again for our next edition in the first quarter of 2024. Time and time again this place proves to be full of love and passion.

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