1 More Thing #002: Club Glow

Rave evangelists Denham Audio, Borai, Mani Festo and LMajor tell the Club Glow origin story

They never intended to host actual club nights…

Established in 2018 as a way of pushing each other’s music and supporting each other when breaks weren’t quite as popular and ubiquitous as they are right now, Denham Audio, Borai, Mani Festo and LMajor‘s collaborative energy has led to some incredible things so far.

Already crossing paths with each other on labels such as WNCL, E Beamz and Torre, the four artists gravitated to each other over a series of rave tape releases that captured their big rave energy and open-minded, tempo-defying, genre-smelting free spirit.

These (now highly collectable) tapes led to events, which led to vinyl releases, which led to them opening up the crew to other artists such as AK Sports and Kessler, which led to them all getting in the studio last year for their first productions – Mosquito and Our Style – on Rinse.

And all while holding down their own exciting solo careers.

Amid their busiest year to date – which has also seen them recently tear up Peckham Audio with another heavy Club Glow party and a crucial release on the ever-awesome Planet Wax (now officially cool according to BBC news)  – 1 More Thing catches up with them to find out how Club Glow came to be, why they work so well together and what it is about those primordial rave ingredients that will always appeal across the generations and always sound fresh. Check it out below or direct on the 1 More Thing YouTube channel

Club Glow – Mosquito / Our Style is out now on Rinse

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