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Nvrsoft gives away coveted dub to 1 More Thing's Patreon subscribers

1 More Thing is proud to be giving away one Nvrsoft’s most coveted dubs this week. Exclusive to the Patreon massive, we present to you her heavyweight remix of AFK x Carbin – Boss (Feat. Cody Ray)

“It’s been a very special tune for me,” grins Nvrsoft, AKA Kathy. “Every time I drop it people go mad for it. I’ve found it’s a really nice segue between the bass and D&B community. When I’ve played among dubstep artists on mixed line-ups, I start with halftime and this always goes down really well.”

Featuring vocals from Cody Ray, AFK and Carbin’s original first landed in 2018 on Jauz’s label Bite This. It grabbed Nvrsoft’s attention immediately. “You could not escape this tune in the club,” says Kathy. “It was on a level with Fisher’s Losing It. Seriously, everyone was playing it. That sub bass really inspired me. It just absolutely hits you.”

Inspired, Nvrsoft reached out to AFK. “I got in touch with him and said ‘I really love your tune, mind if I play around with it?’,” she explains. “He said, ‘Absolutely!’ And just sent over the stems. I was pretty green at the time, I didn’t have that many tracks out there but he did it anyway so huge respect to Jimmy for that.”

Not just a key dub in Kathy’s weapon cabinet but a key tune in her discography full-stop, her remix of Boss preceded her explosive debut EP Premonitions on AudioPorn and played an important role in her development as an artist, finding her sound and making her mark and finding her confidence as an artist… A female breaking through in a male dominated scene and a US breaking through in a UK dominated scene.

Shimon and Trimer had real foresight when they signed me and have been so patient,” Kathy explains. “Having people who I really looked up to giving me that time and space, and a platform to develop as an artist was so important to me.”

For added depth and context, read Nvrsoft’s first interview with me in 2019 over on UKF as she explains the battles she had to endure to establish herself in the North American scene (which was nowhere near as healthy, thriving or welcoming as it currently is today) AFK was one artist who did get behind Nvrsoft.

“He’s a really inspiring person and he makes such amazing music. The person and the art are very interconnected for me,” she explains. “I can’t separate the person from the art. I won’t put any energy out into the world I can’t stand by – it has to be positive – and I feel Jimmy [AFK] is the same.”

“I really love her spin on the tune,” adds AFK positively. “Really does something unique with it that I never heard in any of the other remixes.  Stoked she’s putting it out!”

With full AKF approval, just days after he’s dropped his powerful high energy, genre-melting debut album Rebirth, now is the time for Nvrsoft to unleash her remix of Boss into the wild. With a growing collection of her own releases nearing completion and ready for release in the near future on AudioPorn and Grand Theft Audio, putting this dub out creates a sense of closure for her and gets us all ready for what’s to come.   

“I needed time. I was so grateful to everyone who helped me when I broke through and I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t fly on my own- I love my mentors and peers, and I couldn’t succeed the way I have without all the support I am lucky to have, ” says Kathy, who’s currently preparing to relocate from the US to France. “The pandemic was an incredibly rough time for me, and I was in a creative rut for quite a bit, but I’m back in a very disciplined place now. I’m making sure I make music at least four days a week and feeling really confident about what’s ahead. There is so much ahead.”

Spoken like a true boss. Nvrsoft’s next release is Through Your Eyes, a collaboration with Sola landing soon on Grand Theft Audio. Plenty more is expected to follow as she gears up for an exciting new chapter. “I just want consistency and never want to be a flash- in- the pan artist,” she signs out earnestly. “Thanks to everyone who’s believed in me so far. The best is yet to come…”

For added Boss action, Nvrsoft is performing a b2b with Practitioner this Thursday, October 13, at the Boss Wave pre-party at the Midtown Arts Centre, Harrisburg PA alongside Ternion Sound, Delta Nine, Dice Man, Mikayli and Jack The Human. Full details.

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