Euphonique & Bam Bam discuss emotional new track: Without You

1 More Thing goes behind the scenes

1 More Thing joins Euphonique and emerging vocalist Bam Bam on set half way through the creation of a music video for their emotional new track Without You.

Out now on Dubplate Dread as part of Euphonique’s Seven Songs EP, Without You was written during lockdown in memory of departed friends and loved ones.

Heavy-hearted but positive in its tribute and intention, it’s one of the most poignant tracks Euphonique has made so far and also marks the start of an exciting new journey for the incredibly talented Bam Bam who reveals that this is her first ever song! History in the making, Bam Bam operates with the skills and soul of someone who

Seven Songs is out now on Dubplate Dread:

Watch our exclusive interview below. Photography: @Bristolpicture

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