Halogenix launches new label: Gemini Gemini

It starts with new soulful D&B EP - Lost Friends, out March 3

Halogenix is kicking off 2023 with positive intent as he announces a brand new label: Gemini Gemini.

The label launches today – January 5 – with the lead single Lost Friends, a sobering, reflective deep cut featuring Coop-The-Truth on vocals and jazz musician Joel Dawe on piano.

Written in tribute to Halogenix‘s close friend, hugely talented and inspiring MC and Foreign Beggars founder Ebow Graham, Lost Friends taps back to some of the London producer’s most formative cornerstone sounds. Introspective, jazzy and heavily emotional, the track sets the tone and vibe for the whole Lost Friends EP which lands on March 3 and features a collaboration with Alix Perez.

As the ex-Ivy Lab member explains, the label has been a long time in the planning and incubation.

“Starting my own label has alwaysbeen a goal of mine,” states the producer who left Ivy Lab in 2017 and has gone on to score a consistent and wide ranging slew of universal bangers over the years such as Blej, Independent, IDGAF and, more recently, big collaborations with the likes of Chimpo (Techy) and The Upbeats (Earache)

Each cut flexing its own style and continuing to establish Halogenix as a highly respected producer and studio craftsman, Gemini Gemini allows him to build on this and continue to develop his sound and identity. “I wanted to take the time to reestablish myself as a solo artist and spent the last five years building a solid foundation with Critical Music,” he continues. “With Gemini Gemini, I am excited to take control of my own artistic direction and create a unique identity within the music industry.”

Unique, benchmark setting and deeply personal, Lost Friends is an earnest way to launch the label as Laurence states: “Written after the tragic passing of my dear friend Ebow Graham in 2020, the title track captures for me the sadness and loss that I felt.”

Maintaining the mood and feel throughout the EP, the full release will feature three other tracks: Amé (his 14th collaboration with Alix Perez) and two solo cuts – Ivory and Can’t Let Go. They land on March 3. You can pre-order now on the Halogenix Bandcamp page.

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