Kimyan Law will reveal his debut short film this week: Uaminifu

The multi-disciplinary artist adds another window to his universe

November 11 will mark the worldwide release of Kimyan Law’s film making debut.

Filmed in both his motherlands Congo and Austria (plus a few other places in between), the seven minute short is entitled Uaminifu. Directed by Nicola Mpunga and named after the Swahili word that connotates faith, trustworthiness, credibility and loyalty, Uaminifu features Kimyan himself as the lead protagonist and will shed light and provide more visual insight into the narrative he’s been weaving across this year’s series of EPs.

Entitled Emblem Of Peace, the collection of releases launched in March on his own label [ + + + ] with the Xylo EP and culminates later this month with Kumo, the fourth and final EP. The full collection will be made available as a full LP both digitally and physically with a double-vinyl version adorned with Kimyan’s own art. (You can check it here on his Bandcamp)

“A component always lacked for me. I’m telling stories but I felt there was something missing,” he explains. “It’s hard to convey what I’m trying to do just within a musical context so I’ve been working on introducing a visual side to this.”

Work in progress since he first came to light eight years ago with his debut album Coeur Calme, Kimyan Law’s entire discography maps out a unique universe that he’s been drawing, devising and developing since the very beginning.

Each album is linked with sonic and title-based references and the includes the use of Kimyan’s own con-language which comprises roots and references from Swahili, Dutch, German, French, Latin and beyond. He discusses it in detail in this extensive UKF interview and has sung in it on his previous album Yonda. Uaminifu will develop both his universe and his con-lang on a whole new visual level.

“It’s packed with a lot of new information,” Kimyan admits. “We had to watch it twice in a row to take everything in. There are things hidden throughout the film, too.”

The peak of his ambitious creative vision so far, there’s a lot to occupy the brain: Uaminifu depicts Kimyan – a Grey Child – as he explores his universe and meets the four different tribal communities that each of this year’s EPs introduces. Tribes of the grasslands, woodlands, wetlands and coastal deserts.

“He has been to every tribal area,” says Kimyan. “He’s been on a journey and has been encountering people. The emblem is given to him and he sets out to meet all the elders and show them the Emblem Of Peace.”

Uaminifu has been teased with the above trailer. The full short will be debuted in Vienna this Thursday November 10 at Top Kino before a full worldwide release on YouTube on Friday November 11. Soundtracked by the music from this year’s Emblem Of Peace releases, it’s yet another remarkable move from one of electronic music’s most unique artists.

“What happens next?” he smiles. “Well it’s to be continued…”

Uaminifu is live Friday November 11, sign up for the premiere below. Follow Kimyan Law for more updates and details

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