Stevie Hyper D film The Hidden Influence will be announced on Friday

Tune into Uncle Dugs’ Rinse/Kool show on Friday 11am

Over 6 years in the making… The highly anticipated documentary about the life, legacy and enduring influence of pioneering MC Stevie Hyper DThe Hidden Influence – has been completed.

Written and co-produced by Stevie’s nephew Darrell Austin, The Hidden Influence is a deeply personal film that follows Darrell on an emotional journey to find out more about his game-changing MC uncle and ensure his legacy is preserved for all time. The film explores grief, mental health and, of course, the unparalleled impact Stevie had across the entire MC artform.

“What’s interesting from a cultural point of view isn’t just his out and out influence in jungle drum & bass and rave culture, that’s undeniable,” explains director and co-producer Jamie Ross-Hulme / Beat Culture. “But what we have tried to capture is his influence beyond that within British culture full stop from grime to drill to UK rap.”

Recognised for pioneering the double time style, Stevie was the quintessential jungle MC craftsman. Often rolling with Nicky Blackmarket, he was one of the very first jungle drum & bass MCs to take the UK style to global audiences and also one of the first to release a major label album. He remained a consistent and dominant tour de force on the forefront of the movement from its earliest hardcore roots in 1991 right up until his tragic passing in July 1998. He was just 31.

“It’s really raw,” says Jamie of the film. “The thing I’m most proud of is that we’ve ended up making a film about a personal journey of someone who has contributed so much culturally but also something anyone going through the process of closure and grief can go through.”

A thoughtful and moving tribute, complete with unseen footage and contributions from the likes of Jammer, Skibadee, Megaman from So Solid Crew, Andy C, DJ Rap, Gorgon City, Roni Size and many other luminaries across the bass spectrum, the 90 minute film will provide a unique perspective into a golden age of UK underground music and ensure that Stevie’s place at the very forefront will never be forgotten.

The Hidden Influence is expected to drop early 2024. Before then, you can find out plenty more on Uncle Dugs RCFF show which airs on both Rinse and Kool FM at 11am on Friday September 22. Airing just two days after what would have been Stevie’s 57th birthday, Darrell, Jamie and exclusive guests such as Nicky Blackmarket and MC Navigator will be joining Dugs to reveal more about the film and celebrate the impact the legendary MC had on the game. Highly recommended. Run come follow this Friday.

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