Subcat Releases Cloud Break

STONX Music's regular provides dark, gritty power with latest release...

Neurofunk fans, especially in the UK, have had a lot to smile about recently. The sub genre is going from strength to strength and this latest release by Subcat is no exception.

Cloud Break is now available on all platforms as he’s once again teamed up with STONX Music, with the label’s head honcho Ollie explaining “Cloud Break is a sick blend of modern production and old-school vibes, bringing the raw energy we love in neurofunk.”

This release sees Subcat cement his name as one of STONX Music’s regulars having released with the label three times now as the London based producer described the journey of the tracks creation, “This track started as a homage to one of my idols, Prolix, but quickly turned into something in my own style.”

Further adding to the thoughts and inspirations behind the track Subcat said, “I had the image of a futuristic fighter pilot breaking out of the clouds with the whole universe appearing overhead.”

Hailing from humble beginnings, Subcat has sharpened his teeth with residences at Infidelity and Out The Box. His sound has evolved into what it is today by the continuous support and feedback of his peers and fellow producers.

The STONX Music community is one of the most tight-knit communities in the wonderful world of neurofunk. With this marking release number fourty-two on the label, there looks to be no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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