A Massive Conversation With The Rebel Music Crew

OB1 and 16 Rebel Music artists talk community, finding your own sound and sh!t snares...

1 More Thing interviews…. Deep discussions with inspiring protagonists across the bass spectrum. This week: Rebel Music.

The biggest video interview on this channel so far!

This week Dave Columbo Jenkins speaks to 17 members of the sprawling, ever-evolving and fully global Rebel Music crew: OB1, Creatures, Kolectiv, Science Of Man, No-Lo, Section, R3IDY, Ghost Hardware, Skuff, C-DU, Censored The Audio, Octavate, Mind Zero, Omega Point, Bruises and Tetrad.

Four years deep and all connected and motivated by a powerful sense of community, independence and the pursuit of finding your own unique sound… OB1‘s Rebel Music is an exciting and inspiring example of how music can bring people together and support each other in a healthy, creative and inclusive way.

Recorded just weeks ahead of the label’s recent VA Rebel Alliance Vol 5, sit back and be a fly on the wall as all artists discuss the label, the lessons they’ve learnt and things they’d like to see in D&B in 2023. This one goes deep!

Rebel Alliance Vol 5 is out now

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