On The Rise with AKAS and MC Spyda

Getting deep and meaningful with a big old dose of emotional jump-up...

1 More Thing returns with more deep and meaningful conversations with inspiring artists across the beats and bass realm.

This week: AKAS and MC Spyda who come packing a very specific and moving story of lockdown silver linings… Their new single Rise Again is the sound of two artists frustrated at not being able to do what they love the most.

Neither man requires a formal introduction: AKAS was previously known as KG, the man behind Talkin Beatz, a cult liquid / dancefloor label that was an integral part of the late 2000s foundation for so many now-massive headliners. Now operating as AKAS, he’s been smashing out widescreen flavours on the likes of Device, Deep In The Jungle, Audio Addict and BassLayerz who have released Rise Again.

MC Spyda, meanwhile, has been an integral energy in bass culture for many many years. With a style that’s rooted in dancehall but turbo-charged by drum & bass, he’s been one of the most iconic voices in this scene since he linked up with Pendulum, DJ Fresh and Tenor Fly for the seminal anthem Tarantula. Weaving webs at the forefront of the scene ever since, he’s worked with a huge array of producers across multiple sounds and cultures.

Together they’ve created a powerful jam that brings together myriad elements from strings to big basslines to pure heartfelt emotion. Dave Columbo Jenkins Zooms them up to find out more.

Featuring a cameo from Serum‘s interview a while back, this one catches a moment in time that we can all relate to. Enjoy!

AKAS & MC Spyda – Rise Again is out now: https://cygnusmusic.link/13kqlne

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