1 More Thing Podcast #010: Riya

🎤 Next up in our series of deep discussions: Riya! 🎤

One of the hardest working, most dedicated and passionate artists you could ever wish to meet in drum & bass, Riya has been deeeeeeeeeeeeeep in the craft for longer than you may know.

From her earliest manoeouvres behind the scenes as a PR at labels such as C.I.A and Hospital and working at the iconic forum Dogs On Acid, Laura Pacheco’s fingerprints have been all over the scene for the best part of 20 years.

As Riya she’s been at the very forefront of the genre since 2009 working with some of the most respected names in the game, honing her craft as a songwriter and fighting for a valid space in a scene that hasn’t always been particularly warm to crediting vocalists or welcoming to women.

The first vocalist in drum & bass to develop their own hybrid style of DJ/vocal set – an artform which is now common place and currently thriving – Riya has truly smashed down barriers. And continues to do so to this day…

Currently running Carnelian Music alongside her equally inspiring kindred spirit Collette Warren, Riya remains at the very forefront of the genre, fighting to create new space and opportunities for songwriters and vocalists within the scene.

Join Dave Columbo Jenkins as he asks Riya about her journey so far, her influences, upbringing, the art of songwriting and the challenges she’s consistently risen to.

Big shouts to Euphonique for letting us use her studio to record this!

Riya & Collette Warren Feat Koherent – Carnelian (Phaction Remix) is out Friday July 14

Support Riya: Facebook > Instagram

Support Carnelian Music: Instagram 

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