1 More Thing Podcast #014: Total Science

Get ready for Quiff and Smithy's first interview together in almost five years

Back once again with more deep tales from the foundations and stories from the underground. This time with one of the most consistent and influential drum & bass acts to ever emerge from the early 90s: Total Science.

Linked through hip-hop since 1987 and active on the very forefront of rave culture since 1992, Jason Quiff Q Project and Paul Smithy Spinback have had a prominent presence on the scene since day one and boast an unbroken discography that has seen them put out fresh original music every single year.

As far as 1 More Thing‘s research can tell, they are the only first-generation act in the genre to achieve this.

Whether it’s on their own label Computer Integrated Audio or pretty much every other label in the game from Metalheadz to Reinforced to Good Looking to Critical to Hospital and every single stable in between, Total Science have always stood for timeless uncut drum & bass. Trend-free. Fad-free. Just pure breakbeat creativity.

It’s a creativity and passion that has driven them throughout the decades and super-charged them through the genre’s ever-changing twists and turns. It’s also carried them through a hugely challenging period of poor health and determined self-development… A period that has been so tough, this is actually their first interview together in almost five years!

Getting deep into the topics of mental health, self development, discipline and working class roots, this is Quiff and Smithy at their most poignant, reflective and thoughtful. No other interview they’ve ever done in the past comes close.

Available on YouTube below or all reputable podcast platforms, join them and Dave Columbo Jenkins and prepare to be inspired.

Total Science Dub Pack 01 is out now

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