Hello : Køps

A free download from an intriguing German couple who run a fine line in deep glacial bass

There’s a curious vibe to Køps.

With only a handful of EPs released so far, a one-line bio that simply says ‘Kathi & Tom’, and no photos online whatsoever, there’s very little info out there about them.

But one bite on their bewitching sound – an emotionally poignant tempo-melting stew of genres and moods – and you just know it’s worth chewing for more clues.

Luckily they served us with this dishy free download – Torn Out.

Following releases on Third Colony Music, Sounds Of Jericho, Lake Effect and Chrysalis Collective, Torn Out is the latest drop in our own free download series. A melancholic 128BPM storm of ice-cold, skin-rippling staccato synths and warm, sub-humming electroid breaks. Once again it leaves us asking more questions.



Alas not all of our questions can be answered. For Køps, once the music it out in the world, it no longer belongs to Kathi and Tom… It’s here for us to interpret in our own way.

Artistically we respect this stance. Journalistically we’re still thirsty. So here are a few facts we could glean from them while signing this stunning track.

  • Tom and Kathi are a couple based in southern Germany.

  • Their debut EP – Pareidolia – was released the day before lockdown.

  • Many of their tracks were made using a massive Funktion One soundsystem that a crew (Purple Elements Beschallungstechnik) had asked them to look after during covid times. They set it up in the kitchen of their tiny apartment (and amazingly didn’t get a single complaint from their neighbours)

  • They were originally part of a collective called Legasthenics, a crew that specialised in epic, genre-melting 12 hour room two takeovers at Mannheim parties Wummerland and Welttraum.

  • They have loads more beautiful music coming…

  • You can get up to speed on everything they’ve done so far, right here


Download Køps – Torn Out 


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