Why Do We Tell The DJ To F*ck Off?

How an insult became the ultimate compliment...

A most curious drum & bass custom, the fuck off has been part of the dancefloor’s vernacular for well over 20 years. But how and why did an insult become such a high-level compliment? And what’s happening socially, psychologically and neurologically when we say it?

All these questions – and more – are answered in this unique podcast as we speak to a range of MCs, DJs and professionals such as a scientist, a lexicographer and a psychologist to get to the bottom of this intriguing and sometimes controversial tradition.

Featuring interviews with Andy C, A.M.C, MC Foxy, Thys, Marky,  Paul SG, Mampi Swift, Breakage, 2Shy MC, Tonn Piper, GQ, Ed Rush, Audio, DJ Patife, Jon Tho, Elisa Do Brasil, Deemas J, Teddy Killerz and SO MANY more, the quest celebrates some of the most important aspects of both drum & bass culture; dubplates, MCs, the art of surprise and the fierce DIY spirit that has always characterised the genre.

Probing the complexities of the human condition and how we accept compliments, and learning some interesting facts about swearwords along the way, this extensive podcast, creating during lockdown in 2020, is a fascinating insight into the unique drum & bass tradition.

And if that’s not enough fuckoffery for you, it comes complete with a full international bonus section where we explore fuck offs around the world from Germany to Brazil, Russia to France…

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