1 More Tune Vol 1: OUT NOW

40+1 tunes from the forefront of future bass talent

Introducing 1 More Tune… A new VA series that champions rising, breakthrough and under-the-radar talent across all breakbeat genres.

What began as a loose idea to compile a few demos into a playlist and shine a light on some unsigned music has now become something much bigger as 1 More Thing activates its label module.

All the interviews, podcasts, videos, playlists and news from 1 More Thing, but now with added musical dispatches, 1 More Tune Vol 1 sets the agenda: a bumper-packed special free download to set the scene and map the parameters.

Every genre from hardcore to UKG via jungle, beats, dubstep, drum & bass and straight up unclassifiable can be found on this 40+1 track collection.

Flavours from every corner of the world, all brought together by rave and breakbeat ingredients. Talented and uncompromising souls united from UK to US, NZ to NL via Ireland, Germany, Hungary, France, Armenia and Singapore.

This is the sound of the future, this is the sound of 1 More Thing. Listen to it below and follow the links to download each track.

I would like to thank every artist who’s contributed to this album and future volumes of 1 More Tune and trusted me with their music. I’ve been super inspired by the sheer amount of talent I’ve been exposed to through these demo submissions and my mission now is to amplify it to the world. Tune in next week for more details on each artist involved.

Visit 1 More Thing Soundcloud for more details. 

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