Sofa Sound plays matchmaker with Sofa Singles Club series

DLR and the gang will help you find love this summer...


As if we needed more heat this summer, along comes Sofa Sound with a fat stack of their favourite dubs, some of which weren’t actually planned for release until next year!

The dubs come from the label founder DLR himself plus close cohorts Cecil Hotel, Molecular and Thematic and they come our way via a brand new, love-fuelled concept: Sofa Singles Club.

Putting the fire back into matchmaking: Sofa Singles Club takes inspiration from various dating TV shows like Singled Out and Blind Date (ask your mum or nan) but instead of linking potential lovehearts, they’re uniting ravers with beats and beats with soundsystems. Dating has never been so uncomplicated.

“We set up Sofa Singles Club to fast track some of our favourite dubs in time for summer,” says Sofa sweetheart Alex Smiler. “The artwork is a bit of piss take on a 90s dating show… Instead of linking single people we’re linking music with ravers and sound systems. Big up Adam Menzies who smashed the art once again!”

Sofa Singles Club episode 1 Launched last week with DLR‘s wonderfully weird Staying Up Late Making Music, the series is very simple. Every week the label will drop a new single banger from one of their four acts. This week it’s all down to French duo Cecil Hotel and this heavyweight burper – Ali Murda.


“Bonjour, here comes Ali Murda, our latest addition to the Sofa Singles Club menu,” the Toulouse pair tell us. “It’s a bit like a slice of Ali Baba, the Lee Perry sample, toasted on a bit of old school jungle bread and a raw Sofa-esque bassline. It’s really tasty and cooked with love. By the way, wait for the second single. Coming in August on the full Sofa Singles Club release and you’ll get the bigger picture of the Cecil Hotel sound! If Cupid was a DJ, he definitely would play these two!”

As hinted by Cecil Hotel right there, the release doesn’t stop at a single tune from each of the four acts involved. A full release will drop on all streaming and download platforms on August 3 with another track from each of the four acts. Eight dubs in total. Eight ways to find true sonic love this sunny season. We asked the Sofa Sound capitan for more insight. “They ain’t single,” states DLR. “But the music is fit as fuck and you’ll def want a piece of these lot!”

Let the bangers see the twangers. Pay attention to the label’s social media for more details on each weekly drop or just head over to Bandcamp and get the full episode right now!

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