1 More Thing #015: Spinscott

Phenomenal live jungle performer Spinscott shares his origin story for the very first time

👉 All live one shots, no loops, no quantizing, no re-takes, no edits 👈

Celebrating 10 years of live finger drumming, the inimitable US performer Spinscott shares his origin story in his first ever full in-depth interview.

Raised in a rich culture of musicianship, drumming and even a family DJ business, Scott has been studying beat science for longer than he can possibly remember.

A dedicated jungle historian with an inspiring wealth of knowledge of the culture’s history and foundations, he’s taken the unique art of sample-based live one-shot performance further than many of his peers with an authenticity that is true to the craft and spirit of jungle drum & bass.

Over the course of 30 minutes Spinscott guides us through his career so far… From his years in bands and DJing to the historic moment he bought his first MPC sampler.

Now 10+ years deep into his art, Spinscott reveals his plans for the next decade and sheds insight into that famous smile that creeps up on his face when he’s deep in the digit-flexing fire.

No one does jungle quite like Spinscott, here’s how he does it.

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