An inspiring conversation with Quentin Hiatus

A tribute to YNG Thunder

Time to be moved, humbled and inspired…

Quentin Hiatus does things his own way. He does not market his art to the typical drum & bass audience. He does not follow the standard drum & bass protocol. He uses his day job in tech to actively invest in his label and his music like some super successful ultra hobby.

As a result he sounds and operates unlike any other artist within drum & bass and brings a refreshing blast of fresh air with every dispatch.

He also guarantees a whole tonne of realness as he frequently celebrates foundational Black American culture in his music by using powerful speeches by the inspirational likes of Stokely Carmichael, Nina Simone, James Baldwin and Toni Morrison at key points in his music.

A self-prescribed sadboi, Quentin forever wears his heart on his sonic sleeve, expressing how feels about himself, about the world and about those he loves and holds close in every track he releases.

Whether it’s been released on Ram Records or his own Free Love Digi imprint, this honesty and passion is evident throughout his entire discography but none his past work is quite as poignant or hard hitting as the message and sentiment of his latest album YNG Thunder.

A sobering and emotionally charged tribute to his son Jiraiya, who he and his wife sadly lost last year, YNG Thunder is a brutal trip through Quentin‘s psyche, emotions, thoughts and frustrations during one of the most challenging times in his life.

Please take the time to join Quentin Hiatus as he and Dave Columbo Jenkins go the full terrain and embrace life’s highs, lows and all things in between. This is one of the most touching and heartfelt interviews we’ve hosted so far.

YNG Thunder is out now


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